Impatient driver - P3t3r
There was an accident today and there were long queues, it took me ages to get home. One impatient Golf driver decided to overtake one car that was waiting at the roundabout. He did it with wheels spinning, in the hatched area and hit a small branch as he passed. As he went around the roundabout he took off somebodies bumper! Unfortunately the Golf didn't seem to loose anything, but he really did deserver to have an 'accident'.

He picked up the other persons bumper and gave it to the other driver lol, and the way he behaved it was as if it was an every day thing. I saw him writing stuff down, so I suspect that he did the right thing. He looked like a complete idiot though. Unfortunately the other car may have been a write off because it wouldn't have been worth much. It's always the innocent that get the problems isn't it?
Impatient driver - Dalglish
... One impatient Golf driver decided to overtake one car that ...

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Impatient driver - milkyjoe
i wish someone would write my fiesta off , i know its possible to arrange an accident as in hang around in a parked situation in a one way street and wait for an idiot to come down the wrong way then pull out... bingo, banged to rights, not ethical but possible ..just a thought


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