Astra GTE 1989 (2ltr 16v) - Sue
My idle valve seems to have had a nevous breakdown!

Having fitted a second hand one, followed by a new one my engine still surges like there's a ghost in the car with its foot on the throttle. When it's not surging the revs drop so low the engine cuts out (scary when negotiation a turn!). Periodically rather than surging or cutting out the revs can go sky high as though the throttle cable is stuck, the only way to bring it back down is to engage the clutch.

Neither a local mechanic or a mobile tuner have been able to help.
Has anyone out there had similar problems or have any solutions?
Re: Astra GTE 1989 (2ltr 16v) - David Davies
Its sounds as if your engine has an unidentified air leak.Its pointless speculating where this is specifically. I have every confidence that your nearest Tune Up agent (see Yellow Pages) would be able to locate the problem. When you get it fixed do let us know what the exact problem was.
Re: Astra GTE 1989 (2ltr 16v) - Mike Harvey
Unfortunately I'm at home without the benefit of my manuals, but I think your model has a throttle position sensor with a switch to tell the ecu you are fully off the throttle, and to start the idle control circuit. If the switch is out of adjustment, or broken, the car will not know it wants to idle.
Hope this helps
Had a similar prob with an 88 GTE 2ltre 8 valve. - Cat Alyst
When driving along the engine would seem to momentarily cut out with such force, you were thrown forward inyour seat. The engine didn't stall and it got so bad you daren't overtake anyone.

The local Vauxhall agent could find the prob despite changing the fuel value or other so I traded it in and got rid.
Astra GTE 1989 (2ltr 16v) - Pro Mechanic
What you need to do is remove the full throtle body housing (four nut\'s. Then you need to clean all of the throtle housing internals with carberator cleaner removing all of the carbon build up. You will also need to remove the idle controll valve and clean the carbon from that. Then rebuild the throtle housing! This is a common problem with all vauxhall dohc engines! Good luck!
Astra GTE 1989 (2ltr 16v) - Dynamic Dave
One would hope that after 16 months (original post May \'02) Sue would have got this sorted by now.

ps, I amended your text to \'sentence case\' as typing soley in CAPITALS is considered rude, as it comes across that you are shouting.
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