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Electric Folding door Mirrors - hillman1 {p}
I have seen an increasing amount of cars on the roads that are driving with both wing mirrors folded in. They seem to be mostly on cars which have the option of electrically folding them when parked.

Does anyone here know if there is a problem with reliability with them? Can they be folded out manually if so? Do drivers just not bother to press the button? Is it illegal to drive with them folded in? Does it irritate other people or is it just me?

I only really want to know as it is one of my pet hates, especially after someone pulled into my lane on the motorway recently without having seen me because..... the wing mirror was folded in!!!

{It's a pet hate of mine when someone refers to door mirrors as wing mirrors, hence the subject header amendment ;o) - DD}
Electric Folding Door Mirrors - Chas{P}
Got them on my 207.

You can fold them in on the move using one of the mirror control buttons but normally they are only retracted when the car is locked.
Electric Folding Door Mirrors - a900ss
Most of these are manually folded and opened. You push a button to open/retract and the numpties that drive with them closed have a) not pushed the button and b) don't use their mirrors so steer well clear of them!!!!
Electric Folding Door Mirrors - Mookfish

Ah so it's a safety feature to inform other people that they aren't using the mirrors, should be made compulsory!

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