Piranha Alarm - philip hamson
I am down to only i plipper for my piranha alarm. Any one got any ideas where in the east midlands to get one or preferably a pair of replacement remote fobs? the web site says that piranha are now out of business / not sold ionthe u.k anymore but some one must know where there is some unsold stock and the know how to set it up for the existing alarm on my car. Thanks
Re: Piranha Alarm - El Dingo (Martin)

Having 'inherited' a Piranha alarm on a second-hand car, I tried to buy spares, fault-find, etc., (when they were still in business).

In the end, I bought a new system and stripped out the old one.

This is a reflection more on the Piranha system than on 'old' alarms in general. I believe that they were aimed at the 'DIY' end of the market, and to be honest, they are old technology.

The 'META' system I bought to replace it (back in 1992) cost about £95 and was much better built.

May I kindly suggest that you buy a new alarm????

Re: Piranha Alarm - Carl
Try www.alarmremotes.co.uk
Re: Piranha Alarm - Ross D
Try calling these guys. They sell and repair Piranha car alram remotes. They are based in Hertfordshire. my contact there was a guy called Tim

01707 371681


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