'92 BMW 520 - Location of Horn. - chalky
where exactly is the horn on a BMW 520i 1992 ?? bought the BMW, horn does not sound cannot find it any where so i am wondering if it has been removed ,also if any one can tell me where wiring roughly is for the horn i would like to check them any ideas ?...........chalky

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where exactly is the horn on a bmw 520? - bathtub tom
I had the same problem on a Kia. I just had to get it up in the air and have a good look around with an inspection lamp. It's the sought of thing you don't think about until it stops working. If it's any help, mine was tucked up between a plastic wheel arch liner and the wing IIRC, quite a sensible place really, as it was quite well protected from the elements, without affecting the output. They're quite a distintive shape, thankfully.
Let us know how you get on, for future reference.
where exactly is the horn on a bmw 520? - jc2
Its there on most modern cars-as Tom says,best place for it.
'92 BMW 520 - Location of Horn. - John S
On a 3 series of similar vintage it's dead centre, behind the grille. 5 may be the same.


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