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Peugeot 106 Clutch Cable Adjust - crasko
Hi folks,
I need to adjust the clutch cable on my pug 106 1.5 Zest3 diesel, 1997 (R). I have achecked my haynes manual and it shows nuts on the end of the cable near the clutch pivot arm, mine does not have these it has some strange plastic shroud midway alond the cable behind the airbox clipped to the bulkhead.

I don't know if mine is adjustable or if it's in two parts and this shroud covers some joint of some kind. It seems everytime i go to buy parts for this car i always end up with the wrong size or different looking part, do peugeot change specs evry 5 minutes or at random on their production line ?????

Regards and thanks in advance
Peugeot 106 Clutch Cable Adjust - Peter D
Engine off, Press the clutch right to the floor and slide your foot off the peadal sidewats so the pedal flies back up, this should relase the auto adjuster which was stuck. IF you are under the car you can see the coiled outer of the adjuster as it comes out of the bulkhead, give it a spray with while PTFE grease. Regards Peter
Peugeot 106 Clutch Cable Adjust - 659FBE
I would not recommend letting the clutch pedal fly back if you want to avoid damage - these parts are a little fragile on these cars.

If you have no locknuts at the gearbox end of the cable and a "bulge" in the middle, clipped to the bulkhead behind the air cleaner, you have the later self-adjusting cable. These actually work, and give little trouble until the cable itself fails, almost always at the pedal end where the white plastic end fitting breaks where it hooks into the top of the pedal. If you have clutch actuation problems, look here first.

Pattern spares are available which are manually adjusted at the gearbox end - I have found these to be just as good as the original auto-adjust type and seldom need resetting. They only cost about £8, so it's not worth messing around with the original. Beware, there are two types with differing bulkhead fittings.

Fitting it is a job for a contortionist - if you don't presently have a bad back, you will when you've finished this job.

Peugeot 106 Clutch Cable Adjust - Peter D
Slipping off the pedal happens occasionally so I would not woory about it. I suppose when I do it it do do it by degree and try a halt way down slip first which often does the trick and the bite point moves to a sensible position. Regards Peter

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