probs after intercooler pipe failure v70 - adverse camber
vehicle is volvo v70 2.5tdi with msa 15.8

I recently had the bottom intercooler pipe come off. This happened in France with a ferry to catch, fully loaded vehicle, children etc. no tools. I chose to drive the 80 miles to the ferry (low speed, low revs - lots of smoke) rather than risk missing the boat.

Once back in the UK, I checked the car over and found the problem with the intercooler hose. Fixed that and continued to home.

The check engine light came on as soon as the hose blew. After a while back in the uk it went off again. However the next time I drove it the cel went back on as soon as I got over 3000 rpm. Performance is down, economy is up

I have tried to find a diag tool that will work so that I can check the sensors but Im not having any luck. Spoken to a couple of volvo indys - who dont seem to be certain that they can read the codes (msa 15.8 seems to have been used for only a year) and I would rather not have to go to the main dealer - because I would expect that the codes will need reading a couple of times and that will get very expensive very quickly.

What is likely to be a problem as a result of running with the hose off ? Any suggestions before I start stripping things down to clean and inspect? EGR?


probs after intercooler pipe failure v70 - craig-pd130
I would suspect an oxygen sensor in the exhaust or similar -- once you lost the IC pipe you're running a naturally-aspirated diesel, which is going to overfuel badly 'cos the MAF is telling the ECU to expect up to twice as much oxygen as it's actually getting.

The excess soot might have crudded up sensors in the exhaust, or maybe part-blocked the cat.

Can you reset the CEL by disconnecting the battery for an hour? If it's anything like my Passat TDi you'll wipe your onboard computer data and trip recording, but it may reset the fault code.

probs after intercooler pipe failure v70 - Screwloose

I don't think you'll find any oxygen sensors on a diesel. You will have seriously overspeeded the turbo though. Without backpressure from the intercooler, it wouldn't have any real work to do; so it will have achieved "ridiculous speed" and bits might have come off.

You'll need the codes read to confirm; but it's possible that the boost pressure is falling short of the nominal values and thus flagging a code.

The "3000 revs" symptom is usually a failed MAF; that's just possible as, with the turbo going at that rate, the airflow would have been high. as previously stated.

You may well find an indie with a good scanner; MSA 15 was used for more than a few months and isn't a rare system.
probs after intercooler pipe failure v70 - adverse camber
Cheers Guys

I did wonder about crudding up - which is why I have left it a while thinking that shoving some diesel treatment in and running might clear things a bit. I need to find my radio code before I disconnect the battery - but I was intending to do that.

Had a new maf about 18months ago, and I still have the old one somewhere - it was just going rather than failed totally so I may swap them around and see what happens.

The ecu version thing comes in because I'm told that VAG-COM would work with the earlier 15.7 but doesnt with the 15.8. I've tried it and it certainly doesnt work with mine - I dont have a 15.7 to check it on though. This is the old vw 5 cylinder engine not the volvo D5.

probs after intercooler pipe failure v70 - Screwloose

There is a product like VAG-Com for Volvos called VOL-FCR.

No idea on prices, but it's sold by Derek at On Board Diagnostics and you won't find a more helpful chap.
probs after intercooler pipe failure v70 - adverse camber
Cheers Screwloose.

I emailed them last week asking if it would be compatible (the coverage list stops at V70 1998) because I was told on one of the volvo forums that VOL-FCR wouldnt work. I've not had a reply yet.

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