New car suggestions - Richie_green

I am hoping I can call upon the advice of motor professionals with our dilemma.

We presently have a 2000 3dr 206 which is now impractical due to a new arrival. I do not have a huge sum of cash - around £750 - £1k - to spend on a car to last around for a year or so when the missus goes back to work and we can afford to purchase a car on finance.
What should we be looking at? It must be a 5 door, ideally an estate, and be a petrol car. Preferably not mega high mileage.

New car suggestions - LeePower
Last of the mk2 1.8 petrol Mondeo is worth a look.
New car suggestions - Avant
Do you mean up to £1k plus what you can get for the 206 (maybe £2k depending on model and condition), or £1k maximum?

There are plenty of Mondeo and Astra estates around either way - these are probably your best bet as there is more choice.

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