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Power Steering Problem - air??? - CB

My father has an Opel Zafira 1.8 Elegance, approximately 18months old and low mileage.

When the engine is running and the steering wheel is turned, there is a bubbling sound coming from the steering column. Sounds like there could be air in the system? The car drives fine and the power steering works ok.

Any ideas as to what the noise could be? Could there be air in the system and if so could this be caused by the power steering fluid level being too low? The Zafira book doesn't tell you how to check the level of the power steering fluid and the reservoir is opaque!!!

Re: Power Steering Problem - air??? - mybrainhurts
First things first...........take it out of the swimming pool and try it on the road.
Re: Power Steering Problem - air??? - CB
Well you're a laugh aren't you. You need a few more sessions at the Comedy Night School before you're funny.

Sensible replies only please, that is what this forum is for.
Trying to make a sensible reply. - Flat in Fifth
Well CB, I think you know the answer to this one already, but just for the benefit of newcomers to the Backroom who might not understand why poor old CB is not getting much response.

Some time ago Mark (our boy *in* Brasil) posted one of his usually excellent and erudite posts explaining why a chap called William was not getting much help.

Here it is>>>> (Mark I've corrected the spelling/typos hopefully)
Re: Landrover Help

Author: Mark (Brazil) (
Date: 19-02-02 22:34

See, here's the problem William.

You don't need to register. In reality at this moment, you can't. And this forum is free access. That is free access to a lot of people who give of their own time and expertise to help others, just for the sake of helping them.

This would never be a problem but we have our own pet idiot. What our pet idiot (PI) does is lie, make up stories, ask ridiculous questions and generally behave immaturely. He givesd dangerous advice, supposedly from an expert, he points people in wrong directions and he incessantly lies.

The problem comes when someone out of the blue asks a question and writes with the same style as PI.

It may be that you are completely genuine, in which case if you care to e-mail me I will answer every question you could have about a Freelander. In fact, you can post your question here and it will be answered. In the end, people here will find, and frequently do find, that their wish to help outweighs their disgust at the behaviour of PI and their general pity of him.

The other issue with PI is nobody is sure exactly what he is. We are united (mostly) in our belief that he is a sad, friendless, pathetic human being, but it is difficult to know beyond that whether and when he is being genuine. He has cars with rust which appear and disappear, he is an MOT tester, he is a garage owner with people demanding protection money, he invented perpetual motion and the rest.

He mails physical threats and obscene abuse to people, all in all he is a pain and one the Phorum would be better without.

In the end, it is unfortunate that he doesn't have the intelligence to understand that the people he hurts, other than his parents who must be deeply disappointed, are the newcomers to this phorum who would appreciate advice and help, and occasionally are treated abruptly because of PI.

He won't go away because he has no where else to be. He won't listen, because his sadness outweighs his thinking power. Effectively we are stuck with him.

And we have no way to ban him, without preventing real human beings from coming in the forum.

My one hope is that I will be in England and I intend to travel and speak kindly with him, and try to help him understand where he fits into the world and why not.

Hope that helps you to understand.

end post.

Then CB take a look at your ISP address (
You will not have to look too far back to see that people have grave suspicions about posters with that address, and that either it is the pet idiot or another similar type. Personally, as I suspect you already know, I have much sympathy with that view.

Finally, speaking as one with not as much technical knowledge as some, but enough to be dangerous, I think the content of your post is somewhat whiffy if you will pardon the expression.

The people here are in the main as helpful and tolerant as anywhere on the net, except when the site or individuals on it are abused. Even when those individuals have been, shall we say, less than helpful in the past.

So in essence I suggest you take the advice Mark gave to William, cogitate, digest and perhaps you will have a better response next time.

But then you *knew* that all along didn't you, you little teaser!

Best regards,
Re: Trying to make a sensible reply. - itjustmightwork

On the off-chance you're genuine, could it be that something in the steering is touching something vibrating (e.g. the exhaust?) when you turn the wheel. Does the "bubbling" sound continue when you stop turning but leave the wheel turned, or does it stop? Does it do it more when you're driving along?
Re: Trying to make a sensible reply. - Mark (Brazil)
And I know this sounds ridiculous, but is it more of a "shooshing" noise than a bubbling ?

Stop laughing at the back.
Re: Trying to make a sensible reply. - CB
I'd like to thank those who have supplied sensible answers to this. The sound was indeed more of a 'shooshing' sound and the garage diagnosed a leak in the steering system and are going to replace the whole rack.

I don't know where this business come from regarding a 'bogus poster'. I am relatively new to this forum, genuine and somewhat surprised that I have been labelled an 'imposter'.

The ISP address ( is something that is put in by the system - I don't have a clue where it comes from. On my other posts, the system has put in something different.

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