Ford Ranger - axle oil specs - Jimmy67
We're just doing a major service on our 'Y' regd. 2.5TD 4x4, We picked up the 75W-90 for the trans. & drop box, in 1 litre bottles!!! Don't they ever sell it in 5 litres to save a bit of expense?....and the environment ;-)

Came to do the axle oils and the manual talks of Hypoid SQM-2C 9002-AA for the front and back axle less LSD but SR-M2C9102-A w/ LSD.

Any simple ways of telling whether we have LSD, just jack up one side and see if the wheel turns freely?

So looked up the first oil [9002-AA] and they talk of 80w-90 GL5, but what is the equivalent for the 2nd spec. of oil?

Ford Ranger - axle oil specs - quizman
It is this,

Ford Ranger - axle oil specs - Jimmy67
Thanks Quizman. Looks like I'd be better off just buying the Ford oil from the dealer. Our local car factor place only stocks the COMMA product for non-LSD - 80w-90 GL5.

I looked underneath just now and there's a sticker affixed to the axle housing proclaiming that it has limited slip.

One other point, on the plate under the bonnet it shows the following :-

2855kgs - Is this the gross weight of the pick-up?
5055kgs [H] - Is this the gross weight with a trailer?
1 - 1170kgs - Is this the theoretical load weight that could be carried?
2 - 1840kgs - Is this the tare weight of the vehicle?

Thanks again
Ford Ranger - axle oil specs - Jimmy67
Is there any difference between Castrol 75W-90 GL4-5 gear oil and the Ford 75W-90 quoted in the book for the transmission?

I drained out the G-Box and its this reddy colour not unlike the semi-synthetic stuff I used to put in Ford gearboxes years ago whereas the Castrol is a light yellow colour.
Ford Ranger - axle oil specs - Jimmy67
O.K. so to update you all on this thread - and maybe for future reference this will be logged for any of those who will also be faced with the same problem I had.

The Ford dealer informs me that the correct oils are as follows :-

Transmission & drop box - CASTROL SMX-S

Rear axle with LSD - CASTROL "LIM-SLIP" [LS90?]



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