Corsa '99 1.7 diesel - erratic idling - AlexC
Hey guys,

trying to fix a problem on my friends car - i have had a look through past problems but not found anything of use, hence a new topic.

Unfortunately i have not been in it but am assured that the following is correct:

The car seems to simply idle erratically whilst sat at lights, hot or cold. It accelerates as well as can be expected there is no loss of power or excessive engine noise. I have a little expereince with petrol engines but not as much as with diesels. Any ideas?

All help appreciated in advance,

Corsa '99 1.7 diesel - erratic idling - AlexC
Just spoke to a happy mechanic at Vauxhall who suggested a number of cheap options, however, it being a diesel i am not sure if they all apply. EPR vavle inparticular but from my own reading MAF sensor or just resetting the ECU.

The problem seems to be a much slighter version of many others petrol problmes, is this usual?

Also is it possible to get yourself an ECU reading machine cheap anywhere or download software for your laptop at all? Would be easy.

If the car were a petrol there would be loads of possibilitites it's just being a diesel appears to have made it harder.

All help appreciated, Ta,


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