Which family saloon? - Menzies
My son needs to buy a family car, preferably an automatic saloon or hatchback, 1-2 years old. Which would be better, Mondeo, Avensis, Mazda6 or Honda Accord? He does about 8000 miles a year and it will be a PETROL, hes not going anywhere near a diesel after all the trouble I had with my TDCI !!!
Is the automatic box in the Mazda the same as the one in the Ford; I think the engines are the same.
Which family saloon? - Statistical outlier
I don't think you'll go far wrong with any of those.

I'd pick which every you can get the best deal on (likely to be the Ford) or which ever you prefer. I've got an Accord and love it.
Which family saloon? - bristolmotorspeedway {P}
If he intends keeping it for a long time then I would go for one of the Japanese trio. More expensive in the first place but likely to feel newer, or at least less old :), as the years pile up.

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