Renault Scenic (X Reg) jammed door - Reckless Engineer
Hi All.

I have a Scenic, because I have kids, and one of the pleasant little so-and-so's has slammed one of the back doors shut and trapped the seatbelt clip in the door. My wife didn't notice at the time and locked the car's central locking.

The upshot of this is that ,even though the handles operate ok (interior and exterior) they dont seem to work and my guess is that the central locking solenoid on that particular door is unable to unlock the latch due to pressure/stress within the lock mechanism.

How do I resolve this? Can I remove the door card , without destroying it if the door is closed, and get to the solenoid that way, is this something I am going to be able to sort out at home or is the nice technician down ot my local dealer about to get a nice little earner just in time for Christmas??

Any help or particularly inventive advice will be appreciated.


Andy PS, If the Renault Technician gets the "earner", do you think my other half will let me deduct it from responsible child's xmas gifts, or am I just being mean??? :>D
Renault Scenic (X Reg) jammed door - bell boy
have you got the wife to hold the handle up while you give it a good kick inside?

if it is jammed as you say with the mechanism and it has to go to the dealer the bill will be large as they will have to smash the door mechanism within the door frame
you have therefore
labour @ ? x 2 hours
new mechanism ,must be £100 worth (fords were last time i priced a new one)
possible door card ........can you get one?

its one i would be taking to the small one man band garage on the outskirts of town if it was my x reg ,he might even source a s/h mechanism if his size 10 boots cant open it
Renault Scenic (X Reg) jammed door - Hamsafar
I think you need to have someone on the inside pulling the door towards them someone outside pushing (but not to dent it - maybe the window?) and then pull the handle, it may help to push and pull in jerks while the handle is pulled.
Renault Scenic (X Reg) jammed door - elekie&a/c doctor
It is possible to remove the door card without destroying it.You will need to remove the rear seat cushion and possibly the backrest.This will allow access to the door pop studs.Fortunately because the door cards are a fairly poor quailty build ,there is a certain amount of "bend" available.Once the door panel is removed,the latch should be able to be released with a screwdriver.btw the latches jamb on these often, even without a seatbelt in the mechanism.Suggest that not too much pressure is put on either the inside or outside handles cos the plastic pivots will all break.hth
Renault Scenic (X Reg) jammed door - Reckless Engineer
Thanks for all of your input everyone, it's much appreciated.
Even though the seats remove easily enough to get to the door un-hindered, I managed to get in without taking the door card off. (I started to remove it but the noises it started to make when I was "flexing" it kind of put me off going any further.) How did I do it?? Well I guessed that if the seatbelt clip was keeping the latch under pressure, because the door gap wasn't big enough for it to be jammed in there, then applying a bit of brute force to the outside of the door would release the pressure enough for the latch to operate.
Hey presto it worked and you can hardly notice the size 10 dent in the door skin.
Only kidding about the dent, but the method worked and child responsible for the initial problem will now be getting the full complement of pressies originally planned, whilst the Renault Tech will have to buy his own beer without my help.
Thanks again guys, this is an invaluable forum for those with motors with problems.
Merry Christmas to all

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