Programming a New Key - 2001 Ford Focus - December
Ford Focus Mk I 98/2001, I have got a blank key cut that fits fine, and opens the doors ok, I have been trying to programme the key using the info' from the miraz site, I think I am right in saying my key uses the radio frequency method. What happens is that I can programme my new key to open and close the doors ok, but it won't start the car. The other problem is that when I have programmed the new key the existing key isn't programmed any more, its as if a new programme is used on the new key, which the original key doesn't recognise, can any body help me with this please, I would like to have both keys working at the same time, I do'nt have a red key, the car was only supplied with one key. Any suggestions welcome,
Programming a New Key - LeePower
Focus wont have a red key, that was phased out in the middle of 1998 R reg.

Your remote opening: You need the second key there when you are programming, Once you have done the first key by pressing any button on the fob in remote programming mode, within 10 seconds press a button on your OTHER keyfob & that should then mean both are programmed to the car.

You can programme up to 4 remote fobs for use per car.

Immobiliser: If you only had one original key for the PATS system then its auto locksmith or Ford dealer time im afraid, Only someone with the correct software / kit can code the PATS keys if you only have one coded one to atart with.

Whenever you buy a Ford with PATS, Either make sure it comes with the red master key if its the early system, or if its the later system make sure it comes with BOTH keys & then get a standard key cut & programme it yourself & keep it safe in the house, saves money in the future should you need to programme any more keys after theft or loss.

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