peugeot 306 antifreeze - dundee boy
hi guys new 2 this site . can any 1 give me the lowdown on the 306.....1997 on how 2 add anti freeze...
peugeot 306 antifreeze - graham woods
Hi there, Place your question on the technical matters section {No need when I can easily move it across - DD}, where you should get a good responce, Cheers, Graham.
peugeot 306 antifreeze - yorkiebar
Looks like you been ignored !

DO you just want to add antifreeze or renew it?

If you are adding, as your post suggests, then you need to remove some coolant to make room for it. Easiest way, is to remove a hose, allow some coolant to drain away, reconnect hose and secure.

Then add antifreeze, start engine, undo bleed valves on the hoses (2 i think ) until air stops hissing out and tighten them. Turn off engine, allow to cool, check level and repeat as necessary to achieve level required.

peugeot 306 antifreeze - dieselhead
On the diesel and i think XU petrol engines you remove a plug around the back of the engine to drain the block and open a tap on the radiator.
To refill remove the threaded 3/4" plug on the thermostat housing and the bleed valve on heater hose to allow the air to escape.

Only use anti freeze mixed with distilled water or preferably a ready mixed long life coolant such as comma coldstream.
peugeot 306 antifreeze - yorkiebar
Probably very correct info, but is quite possible the plug may be seized or will break when attacked. For easiest practicality anfd to avoid potential expensive and awkkard problems; I would advise removing the hose as the best method. The worst you should require is anew hose clip !

1 word of caution though, be careful if pulling a hose of a plastic connection. Trty to break the seal with a blunt tool before twisting it hard etc. Or preferably choose the end that is attached to metal (engine end)
peugeot 306 antifreeze - LeePower
A 1997 306 might have the twisty hose connections fitted, invest in a new O ring for each one you plan to undo before starting work if it does.
peugeot 306 antifreeze - Collos25
I was walking round Halfords and noticed a little anti freeze tester for a couple of quid it works superbly tested it out on a glass of water and added anti freeze it also worked on the car by the way.

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