Peugeot 106 clutch problem - fordprefect

Son called today saying the clutch is 'sticking' on his 106. The clutch disengages and doesn't slip, but the pedal moves normally till the last inch or so of travel, at which point there is a definite sticking and it then goes the rest of the way down.
Checking under the bonnet, the cable seems free, there is a squeak which seems to be from the release lever or inside the housing.
Given the age of the car and its marginal emissions pass at last month's MOT (unlikely to pass next time) I would appreciate opinions whether he should get it fixed or replace it ?

(It is a 1996 petrol 1.1 which has about 60k on the clock)
Peugeot 106 clutch problem - yorkiebar
Cant see why its not worth doing.

Emissions shouldnt be any real problem on this car for an mot with an experienced garage.

96 with 60k, still got more life in it yet.
Peugeot 106 clutch problem - LeePower
The TU1 lump this 106 has is virtually bullet proof for reliability its been around since the stone age.

Its getting very close to timing belt time though at that mileage, only other thing to watch is head gasket.

60K miles is only just run in.
Peugeot 106 clutch problem - fordprefect

Yorkiebar and LeePower, thanks for your feedback, son is perpetually strapped for cash so SWMBO and I seem to pick up the tab for servicing and repairs. (Timing belt was done last year when she had the car. )

60K is not much but as a second car most of those were short runs in traffic ; at ten years old it is developing niggling faults with electrics, brake cylinders etc and I did wonder if it could be time to get rid - I guess we'll get the clutch fixed and hope it shows some gratitude!
Peugeot 106 clutch problem - LeePower
Electrical faults are normal for Peugeots, Most likely a few dirty / dodgy connections that needs cleaning / tightning up.

I spent a day doing this to my old 1995 405 & it fixed all the electrical issues in one hit.

A bit of time spent checking / cleaning the electrics is a good idea with Peugeot / Citroen stuff.

Brake cylinders are around £15 new from French car parts people like GSF & Euro car parts.
Peugeot 106 clutch problem - yorkiebar
Its french, it will always have niggling electrical faults and bits and pieces but still very saleable which is what I always judge worthwhile expense by !

Good luck etc
Peugeot 106 clutch problem - Edinburgh andy
I would agree with the other posts and say it would be an idea to keep the vehicle.

My peug 106 1.1 95 model has done 120k and engine still seems in good condition - only uses a pt of oil every 2000 miles- and still gets 48-52 miles to the gallon.

The guy that did the last mot said it was very good condition and i have been told from people in the trade that peug's generally dont have any serious problesm with rust and i still see a few on the road that are older than mine and look in good condition.

I did have to the head gasket done at 55k but its been ok since then.

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