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Since retiring and moving house the bulk of my driving has changed from being on major roads to being on minor country roads. Does driving on bumpy roads significantly shorten the life of suspension and steering items? I currently do 10k/pa, mostly on the speed limit when out of town ~ well, I'm not going to admit on a public forum to breaking the law by speeding am I?
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I think it must do. I drive alot of country roads, diabolical most of them, especially the 'nearsides' . In fact for me, it's become a bit of an obsession, 'forcing' me to change cars about 7 times of 5 years, in search of a car that was nice to drive/look at & could cope with Beruit-style roads.

My mechanical concern is more for the steering components & multitudinous bushes & joints - shock absorbers are more easily replacable & designed for , well, shocks. I've finished up with a Merc C270 Eleg. , (with 205/55 16's) but even this I find poor-ish (best was a Skoda Superb - spoiled only by the 17in rims on the elegance, duh)

So, the answer perhaps is to get a car that stops/absorbs poor road surface, rather than transmit it , so minimising harmful shock transmission . I think I'm being driven to the 2-car solution: A sporty job with wow factor fun & a C5-type for run-of-the-mill domestic duties.

~ woodbines.

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When I've had to go out in the Fens I've often found myself wondering how suspension items manage to last a week.

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Buy a hydropneumatic Citroen and all your problems will float away...
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not the Xantia I saw about 3 weeks ago driving up the A11.......you could see it moving up and down, almost bouncing, from 400-500 yards away........don't know how the chap driving it didn't feel seasick

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