bumper scuff - P.Mason {P}
I slightly scuffed the rear bumper of a car this morning whilst parking at a car boot sale. Knowing how annoying this can be when the offender just drives off, I waited for five minutes, then decided to leave details under the wiper. No pen or paper in my car, and in the five minutes it took to obtain them from a stall and return, the car had gone.

If the driver sees this,- sincere apologies,- please post with details of the car and time and place of the occurrence (form an orderly line, please..!) so I'll know it's a genuine claim.

bumper scuff - Westpig
you are a dying breed sir...........or you are around here
bumper scuff - ajsdoc
It was me! I was actually in the car and now have a sore neck. Where there's blame there's a claim!

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