VW Polo 03 reg 1.2 - daveyjp
One of these is being offered by sealed bids from one of our departments and my wife needs a car.

Car has done 14,500 miles and it up for offers around £3,500. The only query is it was registered on 1 March 03, but it's MOT runs until August 2007. The person selling is ill so I can only assume the MOT date was missed.

Car has FSH (including brakes service), clean HPI and full AA inspection.

Anything in particular to look for. Is the 1.2 too small for this car? It will be used for mainly urban work.
VW Polo 03 reg 1.2 - bimmer-driver
It depends if its the 55 bhp version or the 65. I've got the latter in my 2003 Ibiza and its only just enough to move it along at any speed, so I think the 55 may a bit too underpowered. Make all the usual checks, and it should be ok- and thats not an unfair price for it.
VW Polo 03 reg 1.2 - Altea Ego
3.5k for a 3.5 year old polo with 14.5k miles on the clock is a more than fair price. Thats a bit of a bargain in anyones book regardless of engine size.
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VW Polo 03 reg 1.2 - Bill Payer
We have an Ibiza 1.2 too - I think SEAT only use the 65 engine, whereas VW offer both.

I think the Ibiza goes well - once up and running it just zipps along. However it isn't particularly economical (about 40MPG - where I can easily get 50 from our Jazz) - this is a common complaint on the SEAT forum for the 1.2 engine. The other thing (and this may be unique to our car) is that the engine is blinking noisy - very rattly / juddery. Sounds like a diesel on starting, and feels as though there's an engine mount missing when pulling away! The dealer insists it's fine but never has another 3 cyl car to try.

The other observation I would make is to make sure you're happy with the equipment level on the car - that was the main reason why we picked Ibiza rather than Polo - there'll be no a/c, cd player, and not even remote central locking.
VW Polo 03 reg 1.2 - idbarnett
I run a 1.2 12v 64BHP Skoda Fabia and average around 43MPG with mixture of town and motorway driving. Engine is quiet and I find it suprisingly nippy for what it is. It's no rocket but I don't find myself cursing it (thought I would after having a Fabia vRS). I drove a 1.4TDI as a courtesy car today and I'd take the 1.2 any day, the diesel was noisey, sluggish unless really pushed and not a relaxing drive.
VW Polo 03 reg 1.2 - bimmer-driver
Its definitely not just yours thats rattley BP- mines terrible when cold but is very smooth when its warmed up- in fact they whole car seems much better when its warm, however its going back to the dealer for a few warranty issues a week on weds with the steering and fan belt and general creaks and rattles that shouldn't be there in a 3 year old car.

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