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For a change, I thought it would be nice to have a thread praising the Police, instead of bashing them.

A driver in Worcestershire was hi-jacked in his car and forced to drive against his wishes and assaulted several times. The hi-jackers even tried to force him to accelerate, thus risking his (and others) lives.

The Police have been spot on, they've caught some scroats who they think were responsible in very little time indeed (less than a week). Now it's in the hands of the courts.



We may complain when the Police fail to sort out the little things, but let's not forget they only have so many people and incidents like this to deal with.
Police catch hi-jackers - Armitage Shanks {p}
Excellent post! I would point out, however, that things that are 'little' to the police service, may be very 'big' to us as individuals. Also, the police having done the good work, a court may see fit to hand out poorly enforced community service orders, suspended sentences, ineffectual tagging and so on! Let's wait and see.
Police catch hi-jackers - TheOilBurner
Yes, I'm afraid you're probably right. That's a whole other problem, and worthy of a thread of its own, no doubt.

but not on this forum, unless motoring related please. smokie, BR Moderator
Police catch hi-jackers - Stuartli
Whilst appreciating TheOilBurner's point, magistrates and judges are tied to a large extent in the level of punishment they are able to hand out through legislation.

However, this week, realisation has set in amongst those responsible for creating such legislation that the punishment might not always fit the crime (as we have seen so often recently) and there are plans afoot to stiffen up the level of punishments which can be imposed.
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