Help please in deciding next car - Craig_1969
I drive 25k a year, mostly to work and back 80 miles a day mainly a roads. I bought a 98 Mondeo TD but its failed its MOT and its time to move on. I have a budget of 5k.

I have been considering a Mondeo MKIII TDCI 115, fixed vane turbo. But it would be a 2003 ish with 80k for this money and I am concerned about suspension and clutch work as the miles pile on. The other alternative I can think of is an Aygo/107/C1, I can get a low mileage one for £5k, 60mpg and £40 tax, group 1 insurance and will have 2 years warranty remaining.

Any other suggestions of the top of anyones head.
Help please in deciding next car - local yokel
You really would not want to do 80 miles a day in a C1/derivative. Yaris, perhaps. A Focus would be my choice I think.
Help please in deciding next car - type's'
Whilst not a diesel why not consider an Accord (2000 - 2002 depending on mileage).
It would be a great car for the longer disatnces you have to travel, can get 1.8 so not too thirsty, utterly reliable.
Also with a full honda service history on subsequent oil changes the engine will last 250K-300K miles quite easily.
I agree with local - doing 80 miles a day everyday in a small car will become a bit unpleasant after a while IMO.
Help please in deciding next car - Falkirk Bairn
Taxi cab owners cannot all be wrong - Toyota Avensis / Honda Accord / Skoda Octavias..............are good alternatives to Mondeos & Vectras
Help please in deciding next car - 659FBE
Fully agree with the above. Add the Skoda Superb (130 diesel) if you want to travel in comfort - more car (and safety) for less money than an Octavia with the same economy. Resale value probably nil. Several "Superb" taxis locally.

Help please in deciding next car - type's'
Skoda was not an option I considered when trying to offfer advice but agree that a superb or octavia would make a very good choice and you get the diesel option as well.
Help please in deciding next car - tyro
Hesitantly suggest a Ford Ka. I have one.

A basic model can usually be purchased new for about £5000 , and will give about 45 mpg. (I actually average about 47 or 48 in mine)

I enjoy driving it, and don't find a 50 mile journey uncomfortable.

Main problem is that the basic model doesn't have aircon. That's not a problem for me, but might be for some people.
Help please in deciding next car - tyro
If, on the other hand, you want something bigger and better equipped, a 2nd hand Honda Accord.
Help please in deciding next car - Sprice
Accords are very reliable, but for 80 miles a day, a diesel is your best bet, and your budget does not stretch to an Accord diesel (the Accord petrols are relatively thirsty). As already said, Octavia, Avensis or Primera diesel?
Help please in deciding next car - GroovyMucker
I do a 50 mile round trip each day in a 2.0 Accord (2000W). Very comfortable, very safe (as I learned when I had two crashes earlier this year). Thirsty - I rarely better 30 mpg - but that's the only downside.
Help please in deciding next car - Mapmaker
A 98 Mondeo has failed its MOT... on what, may I ask, that you think it needs swapping?


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