206 HDI ECU Problems? - 206Hdi

The last couple of days my Peugeot 206 1.4 HDi (2004) has started to misbehave.

When the car has just been started from cold and has not been running for more than a couple of minutes the dashboard sometimes decides to reset itself following the sequence it follows when I first turn the ignition on. The engine carries on running normally but it's very uncomfortable being sat at traffic lights with the dashboard going crazy and clicking at me (assume that's solenoids or something behind the dash being reset).

I haven't experienced this when the engine is up to temp so am guessing it's linked to cold starts and possibly the ECU?

Any thoughts on what might be causing it would be very much appreciated - the car is still under warranty but it's always better to go the the garage with a rough idea of what the problem might be.

206 HDI ECU Problems? - sparksfly
If you'd have said the car was about 4 years old i'd have said straight away its the earth lead which goes from the battery and always corrodes/breaks off where its bolted to the engine.

Its still worth checking tho, as its a Peugeot !!
206 HDI ECU Problems? - 206Hdi
Thanks sparks - I'll take a look and see if I can see the earth lead and any problems with it.

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