Pavement parking-half on/off! - runboy
An observation whilst on my evening strolls around the neighbourhood.

You have a road that will fit 2 cars, one in either direction. Someone will park their car on the pavement, blocking something like 70-100% (I've resorted to walking over peoples front gardens due to poor parking).

Now their car will still be in the road enough that you can't get 2 cars through anyway so why block the pavement? They could park their car 100% on the road and it wouldn't make a scrap of difference to traffic flow so why this compulsion to make a token gesture to get their car off the road!

Annoying, inconsiderate and dangerous at worst.

I feel better now!
Pavement parking-half on/off! - green oval
Tell me about it, rife round here as well....doesn't really make much sense (probably because everyone else in the street does it!?) as like you say two way traffic is interrupted in any case. If anything I would be worried someone would try and squeeze past and mis-judge it. 5.15pm Friday - bang, up the kerb goes the motor, someone elses worry until 7.45 Monday morning!

Pavement parking-half on/off! - rtj70
We live on a decent wide street which if you parked cars on the road either side you could still drive down in a car. But

1. Refuse lorries and delivery trucks of similar size could not get down the street
2. Extremely difficult to reverse out of the drives with cars parked fully on the road on both sides
3. And anyway very, very wide pavements with a low curb so you kind of have to park slightly on them. Illegal I know but no real option. Oh and we have three cars and a shared drive so cannot park 2 on the drive (one is in the garage each night).
Pavement parking-half on/off! - Chuckie888
No pavement parking issues round my newish estate - we don'y have any pavements!! Plenty of parking issues though and territory protection (people thinking they own the public road near their house)
Pavement parking-half on/off! - rtj70
Sounds like most places about the territory problems though. I'm not bothered to be honest. However, there's usually space outside, next door, opposite and best of all the adjoining road (t-junction) only has houses on one side due to the house on the other corner have a massive garden... so lots of parking.

Mines a company car (which was keyed elsewhere at the weekend!) so not such a problem for me. But years ago visiting my mums a mini-bus parked opposite (half on the pavement) opposite my car. No way a bus could get through and there were smallish buses. I moved it not because it would/could be damaged but to stop the obstruction. Didn't even park it on the same street due to problems with parking.

Problem these days is 2-3 cars per house but not 2-3 the space to park on many streets.

Pavement parking-half on/off! - Lud
Isn't that what pavements are for? I don't think I've ever been inconvenienced by a car parked on the pavement in my life. If I ever am, I'll start a thread about it.

The OP seems to live in a narrow road with very narrow pavements.

Evidently the people aren't narrow enough.
Pavement parking-half on/off! - L'escargot
Evidently the people aren't narrow enough.

It's not the people, it's the prams and wheelchairs etc.
Pavement parking-half on/off! - Collos25
All illegally parked cars should be crushed,half the traffic jams in the city are caused by people who are just parking for a few moments so its ok.I think some car drivers have lost the use of their legs.
Pavement parking-half on/off! - smallfish
I think people do it because they are selfish ******** and protecting their wing mirrors is more important to them than the convenience/safety of pedestrians.
It used to drive me mad when my little ones were in push chairs and we were regularly forced to walk in the roads - and then to add insult to injury on more than one occasion got beeped at by passing cars! One time i nearly dislocated my daughters arm becase it was sticking out the side of the pushchair and got caught in the narrow gap between the pushchair and a parked car.
I used to fantasise about getting revenge on pavement parkers by rigging up some kind of James Bond style tyre slashing device on the pushchair..!
Pavement parking-half on/off! - Bill Payer
What drives me mad is when people (usually visitors) park on someone's drive, but across, so completely blocking, the pavement.
Around where I am there are grass verges so it's especially awkward for people with push-chairs to get around the cars.
I think people are just thick - we had a guy working at our house who did it and I asked him to move. When I explained why it was like a light had come on in his head.
Pavement parking-half on/off! - runboy
Yeah, I'm 6 foot 2 inch and 19 stone. Apologies for being built like a brick out-house.

No problems on the road I live, but as I said my neighbourhood does have some narrow pavements. It also generally has an aged population whose only means of transport is by wheelchair or with some walking aid. I don't see why inconsiderate drivers should park on the pavement.
Pavement parking-half on/off! - Chuckie888
It's not illegal to park on a pavement per se apparently, but to cause an obstruction to wheelchair users etc is another matter. Funny how the talivans don't care though when they're parked on pavements and other places! I stop, park up and take pictures of them whenever I see them in dodgy situations. They don't like it one bit!
Pavement parking-half on/off! - bathtub tom
CAR-PARKS (garages, driveways etc.) ARE FOR PARKING!


Sorry, rant over.
Pavement parking-half on/off! - Mutton Geoff
Same around where I live. I always make a point of pushing the folding wing mirror in so at least the driver notices something amiss when they get back in and drive off. The nasty streak in me wishes I could brush alongside with a big bunch of keys hanging off my belt.

I have been tempted to make up my own parking ticket style "Pavements are for People" stickers.

Pavement parking-half on/off! - Roger Jones
Highway Code (their capital letters, not mine, but I agree):

* 123: You MUST NOT drive on or over a pavement, footpath or bridleway except to gain lawful access to property. Laws HA 1835 sect 72 & RTA sect 34

* 218: DO NOT park partially or wholly on the pavement unless signs permit it. Parking on the pavement can obstruct and seriously inconvenience pedestrians, people in wheelchairs, the visually impaired and people with prams or pushchairs.
Pavement parking-half on/off! - nortones2
We've had an interesting discussion locally about blocked highways (aka pavement) and the police have taken on board the need to target the problem. It may not be obvious to the able-bodied (and lazy!) but the partially sighted, and disabled are at risk from the obstruction and from the illegal driving onto the pavement. Others report being physically forced out of the path of cars/vans who want their spot, so its not just the weaker members of society who are at risk.
Pavement parking-half on/off! - PhilW
Our village has shops either side of the road and a zebra crossing. The zebra naturally has dropped kerbs and you would be amazed how many people think it is so they can park there and use the nearby cash machine/newsagents/Chinese takeaway !
This is presumeably to save them the 20 yard walk from the car-park immediately behind the shops.
Pavement parking-half on/off! - type's'
And I bet they put their hazards on to make it ok.
Pavement parking-half on/off! - PhilW
"And I bet they put their hazards on to make it ok. "

Nah-They only do that when they park on the zig-zag white line next to the zebra or the double yellow lines because this excuses the fact that they are saving themselves a minute or so while causing a jam which causes 20 or so other people a minute or so. But their time is so much more important than ours isn't it? (And it's not just BMWs and 4x4s!!! - just in case you were wondering! Mind you, it is quite often fat blokes and very rarely women!!)

Pavement parking-half on/off! - type's'
Oh runboy - this subject does get my blood boiling. It must be the most inconsiderate thing drivers do to pedestrians. Expecially people pushing prams who are duly forced to cross or pass the car on the road endangering the child because of some thoughtless act.
I actually scratched a car with my daughters pram (unintentionally) but was overjoyed when the owner pointed it out to me. He wanted my details to claim on my home insurance ?? - I told him to call the police and we will sort it out with them now. Obvioulsy he did not.
Pavement parking-half on/off! - Hamsafar
Maybe they are making room for fire engines.
Pavement parking-half on/off! - turbo11
An old boy down the road from me was always outside polishing one side of his car.During a conversation he explained that he couldn't understand where all the light sratches/srape marks came from.He was amazed when I suggested that as he always parked on the pavement(despite having a driveway),that the scrape marks were the result of mums with pushchairs trying to squeeze past his car on their way to the primary school down the road.Not seen him parked on the pavement since.
Pavement parking-half on/off! - type's'
>>Mind you, it is quite often fat blokes and very rarely women!!)<<

Oh dear - that's me then - but I park sensibly - honest.
Pavement parking-half on/off! - PhilW
Are you a fat bloke or, very rarely, a woman??
I'm intrigued!! ;-)
Pavement parking-half on/off! - type's'
A fat bloke Mon to Fri and then very rarley a woman at weekends.

It's an old one I know but they are supposed to be the best.
Pavement parking-half on/off! - Chuckie888
A weekend cross dressing fat bloke or did I misunderstand?

Yes, pavement parking is a nuisance but also we are in an overcowded island and we love our period properties too and our weather and public transportation system isn't the best.
Pavement parking-half on/off! - PhilW
Ah, I see - a Type S in the week but bit of a squeeze getting into the Tigra at weekends?
Pavement parking-half on/off! - type's'
Good one - I like that.

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