Avensis wind noise at speed - Snakey
My 2004 Avensis generates a strange 'screeching' type of wind noise at motorway speeds. This is only if it is a breezy day and the noise isn't continuous rather more bursts of noise. Its really loud, not just the normal whoosing of air passing over the xar.

I've checked everything from door seals to wiper blades and all seem tight and in excellent condition, the wiper still has the spoiler on it as well.

Has anyone else had this problem with their Avensis, its really grating on a long journey. The car is going in to the main dealer for its service next month and I would like to know if its a fault or a characteristic!
Avensis wind noise at speed - Saltrampen
I had a mystery wind related noise on my Corolla which would happen intermittently. I traced it to the wing mirror seals. Apparently at speed the pressure difference caused by air rushing past car was sucking air (to or from?)
the inside of the car through the wing mirror system. When I stuffed some more foam around the hole between the door and wing mirror (after taking it off) it went away....Sometimes adjusting the angle of the mirror with the
electric mirror adjustment made the noise go away as well....Something else to try anyway, even if it is not the cause of the problem...

Avensis wind noise at speed - Bill Payer
I traced it to the wing mirror seals.

Good grief! How on earth did you find that?

On the OP's question, different car (Honda Jazz) but ours sometimes is noisy at motorway speeds as air is trying to force through the face level vents when they're closed. Stops when you open them! Strangely it doesn't do it all the time.
Avensis wind noise at speed - Snakey
I did have a quick look at the door mirror but all looks well. The sound isn't constant and only happens at 70mph+ so its tricky to diagnose!

I did notice the sound goes away when I use the wipers flick-wipe - although this could be because the airflow over the windscreen changes when the wipers move.

I don't know anyone with an Avensis of this era to compare notes - might be a dealer question!
Avensis wind noise at speed - Saltrampen
Wing mirrors - When mirrors adjusted noise changed pitch.....so investigated further..

Avensis owners - loads of them on

If the fault is common,one of them is bound to have noticed it...

Avensis wind noise at speed - Archie35
I had a very similar problem on a BMW last year, which was driving me mad. I eventually worked out, by prodding everywhere, that the top left corner of the windscreen was not completely fixed to the window frame, and that one could stop the noise by pushing on the windscreen corner. It was dependant both upon the speed we were driving at, and the wind direction. We took the car into a BMW garage who fixed it.
Avensis wind noise at speed - Snakey
I've had a really good look around the windscreen and door seals and all seems very neat and tight. I'll try and move the wing mirror around the next time I drive it (its not my car!) and see if that makes any difference (it seems to me the noise is from drivers side lower windscreen area)

Otherwise, next month is service time and Mr Toyota can give me a hand!

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