I had to have a new engine fitted after 95k miles - but the new engine is noisy. Should the dealership sort this out?

I had to have a new engine in my Volvo V70 D3 after 95000 miles. I was not too happy about it and expressed this to the dealership (who sold me the car with 5000 miles on it and have serviced it ever since). Volvo and the dealership combined to contribute 50% of the cost of the new engine leaving £4600 to pay. The new engine had a loud knocking sound coming from it and I returned to the dealership who said the noise I heard came from the break disc backing plate, which they have straightened out. Needless to say the noise remained and is getting worse with use. I have lost confidence in the dealership as I am concerned they don't take my complaint seriously. I am concerned that the problem is "piston slap" or "big end bearings" but also that the dealership may turn round and say that I now need new injectors. Am I being unreasonable to expect the dealership to sort the problem for no further charge? The engine bill was on top of a £ 1300.00 service bill earlier in the year.

Asked on 24 July 2017 by Andrew Bond

Answered by Honest John
We recorded that you wrote before on when the engine failed due to a cracked block. I think, after having forked out a total of £5900 on the car you have the right to give the dealer an ultimatum to fix it properly or you will go elsewhere, get it fixed properly, and use Small Claims to sue the dealer for the cost. You have already paid more than is "reasonable" to have a 4-year old car fixed properly, even though it has covered 95,000 miles. Had it been a Hyundai or a Kia the repairs would have been under warranty.
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