Audi A4 Convertable true MPG figures - Zippy123
Has anyone any experience of the true MPG figures for the current range of Audi A4 convertables?

I am looking to change my company car and have had good quotes for the 2litre turbo and the 3.2 fsi multitronic.

If the MPG rates are realistic (as per Audi) there may be only a £12 per month differential for the 3.2 because of the mileage rate of 15ppm for the 2l or 19.5ppm for the 3.2l

Audi A4 Convertable true MPG figures - cjehuk
Driven both around and about the South East between dealers. The 2.0T FSI Multitronic I got about 31 from, the 3.2 about 28 I think. I honestly would have to say I'd go with the 2.0T FSI of the two though. The 3.2 is much nicer with Quattro, with Multitronic and FWD it can really struggle at times, whereas the Quattro just bites. That little bit of extra torque and more power don't help it in FWD with the extra weight.
Audi A4 Convertable true MPG figures - Zippy123

The Quattro is out of my budget, especially when considering the poorer MPG.

The 3.2 comes with some nice touches such as the satnav and 6 disc changer.

When you say struggle, do you mean it looses grip (wheelspin etc) or is it not as powerful as the 2l turbo?


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