2006 56 Fiat Scudo Clutch Judder - stevie1970
I have a 2006 fiat scudo 2.0 JTD engine., when cold the clutch has a slight judder when pulling off for the first couple of uses.
It never does it when warm just first time it is driven in the morning. I have only had it 2 months and its done 2K.
Have checked under the gearbox and no damp patches, anything to worry about?? or do you think it will get better with more miles.
Thanks Steve.
2006 56 Fiat Scudo Clutch Judder - ka razy
Hi Steve.have no experience of Fiats,however currently own on 04 corsa sxi which has the same problem,and has had for more than a year now,had it back under warranty to be told "no fault found".As yours it only happens when cold,and worse in damp weather...To be honest over the year it hasnt got better or worse..maybe have to live with it...

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