M.O.T. Retest - disco dave
Car is due for M. O. T. Rang a few garages it seem they dont do free retests anymore. Most want to charge 20 pounds. So if it fails its going to cost 60 pounds. Another rip off.

{Shouting amended - DD}
M.O.T. Retest - Caveman
'disco dave phoning garage' - hi, I was wondering if you would do some free work for me?
'garage' - certainly not sir, this isn't a charity you know.
'disco dave' - oh, so you want to rip me off by charging me £20 to do some work on my car then.
'garage' - click.
M.O.T. Retest - rip
My local council mot station (Leicester) charge £40 (or they did this august), which includes a 7-day FULL retest for free. So they are still around.

Being an independent mot only station their unlikely to make up work, so they may pass first time anyhow, im sure there's an irony there somewhere.
M.O.T. Retest - Dwight Van Driver
Wonder if the Garage (s) are aware of change in law on retests since 8th September this year?


iVA and VA class mentioned refers to public service vehicles.

M.O.T. Retest - LinuxGeek
My car failed MOT last month and the garage charged me £30 (they had special offer on because they've just opened up) and they told me to bring back the car within 7 days for retest. Took the car back they went through the whole procedure again and it passed (obviously I sorted everything it failed in) and they didn't charge me even a penny. The MOT centre is in Slough/Berkshire.
M.O.T. Retest - Aprilia
Its a business decision for the vehicle testing station in question.

In my part of the world there are either discounted tests (as low as £25) or free retests, but not both. Some places are at full price with no free retest of course...

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