peugoet 406 radio - mrbeginner
i am considering changing my radio cassett over to a radio cd player what are the pitfalls on doing this and when going to a shop what should i look out for in a new cd player and are there any precautions i should make regarding the anti theft system and ecu the make of peugoet is a 406td 1998 estate many thanks
peugoet 406 radio - Robin the Technician
On the earlier Pug estates which I usto have one, the rad/cass was fitted as standard and fitted in the rear was a six CD changer. This was fitted at the n/s in the boot area behind the removable panel (where you store bulbs etc).
My Rad/cass had a button (from memory) to switch over to CD and it worked really well. If you've got the stalk on the o/s behind the steering wheel to control radio use, its probably got the CD controls on it as well. Might be worth asking a breakers on even E-bay for the Pug OE fit one. Fitting an Aftermarket unit into a dedicated dash with an odd shaped front on it will be a nightmare!!!

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peugoet 406 radio - mrbeginner
thanks robin just to let you know that i,m having a jvc single cd player fitted by halfords with the extra wiring that fits into the stalk i,ll let you know how it goes (last time i tried to install something like this it went horribly wrong so i know now to leave it to the experts)
peugoet 406 radio - cumfray1
Ive got a single play pioneer fitted in my 406, it was a simple case of unplugging the standard fit radio, & refitting the plugs straight into the pioneer with no problems. I purchased a radio adaptor kit from a motor factors to fit into the dash shaped gap that made it look tidier n the pioneer slotted straight in, costs about £15 from motor factors.

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