punto timing belt - disco dave
1994 punto55s anyone know how to change and ajust timing belt on this model. my son has been told its a garage only job?
punto timing belt - yorkiebar
engine size?
punto timing belt - Reggie
I have done this job on my sons 55 a couple of years ago. Quite easy really. As I recall (we have just sold this car last week) the belt tension is adjusted with an eccentrically mounted pulley.

I don't have the Haynes manual now, and can't remember how the cam pulley or the crank pulley was lined up, but if you get a manual, it is quite straightforward.

punto timing belt - Another John H
Punto 55 is 1108cc

There are alignment marks on the metal lip which retains the cam belt cover about the 9 o'clock position for the camshaft, and the crank shaft mark at about the half past ten position, viewed end on.

A FIAT belt will have a set of stripes which line up with these markers.

With this engine if you break the belt it generally takes no harm, as it is "safe".

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