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Hi folks,

Back in June, my wife's car was hit in a pub carpark by another driver who didn't stop. A couple of witnesses took down details and we reported the matter to the police. Fortunately the car is still driveable - dented wing and bumper.

Its now October, and we still don't have the details of the third party, or even know if they were insured. We have not made a claim through our own insurance company yet. The only response from the police so far has been to send us (and presumably the other witnesses) a form to complete describing what we saw - I asssume this means the third party is denying responsibility?

Is there any way we can force the pace?
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Ask the DVLA for their details. They will supply them if you can show good reason for requiring them SFAIK. Their website will give some idea of the way forward
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i assume the police have given you a reference number ( a crime number perhaps). you can use this to justify the request to the DVLA.
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Can I ask why you have yet to report the accident to the insurance company? If the repair is to be an insurance job anyway, why not get it done back in June and let the insurance company sort it out.

If the other driver is not insured then your insurance company may be able to claim your costs from some compensation fund.

The other driver could have left the country in the time it has taken to trace him/her.

And how does insurance renewal work? If you renew in say September but then make a claim today, is that with the old insurance company or the new one? Will the new insuarance company be annoyed that you did not make them aware of a pending claim/accident report when ther calculated your premium.

Just interested in how this would all work out! Good luck anyway!
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The OP's post implies that he is comprehensive. Therefore if his insurance can't trace the other motorist they will knock his policy.
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You should still report an accident to your insurance company at the earliest oppertunity I have my doubts if they would be interested now,You could at least have used the legal protection part of the policy to get all the details you require.
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Down you go to the Plodshopp and ask to see the Duty Officer. Don't be put off by the front desk civvy.
Outline your problem and ask what is happenning to your complaint.

Also please read the small print in your policy about informing your Insurance Company of risks etc.

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Many insurance companies insist on notification of an accident within 7 days, some less. You need to get this sorted. Informing them of an accident and making a claim are not the same. Regards Peter
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Your insurance company will be able to trace the other driver from the registration plate.

I'm not sure why you haven't made a claim - have I missed something?
Getting third party details from police - NARU
We did report it to the insurance company the day it occurred - said it was for information only at this stage, as we thought we might be able to claim from the other driver. Was trying to avoid a claim if we could. Will chase the police and if no joy try DVLA.
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I appreciate there is a risk with no claims bonus etc but I always feel it best to manage these issues through the insurance company (based on previous experience). That is why we pay them - not only to insure us but to administer the process as well.

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