Future of Pass Plus - daveyjp
Whilst flicking through the DSA magazine (dad gets it being a driving instructor) I noticed that the success or not of Pass Plus is currently being questioned. One incentive for new drivers to take the test is the possibility of securing lower insurance rates, but research is finding that Pass Plus drivers have just as many 'own fault' insurance claims as non Pass Plus drivers. If this trend continues expect insurance companies to stop offering discounts.

Future of Pass Plus - Robin Reliant
Although I've given the job up now, that was my experience too. The trouble with PP is that there is no test at the end of it to see if anything has actually been learnt. Although the instructor can refuse to issue a certificate because the pupil is not up to standard I never heard of anyone doing so, and it would take a very strong character to do that as you are dealing with someone you have got to know very well over the course of their lessons.

It really does need an independant assessment on completion, not nescessarely with a DSA examiner but maybe with an IAM observer.
Future of Pass Plus - Brad
All three of my teenagers have been through the pass plus system. None of them did the full whack of hours. One of them did just 2 hours local motorways then was told they'd passed. Unfortunately it's another system that is wide open to abuse. The instructor gets loadsa dosh; the teenagers get the insurance benefit so both parties will benefit from it not being done properly. No-one will blow the whistle. Sad but true.

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