Merc E320 CDI possible purchase - Craig_1969
Had a loan 180k miles C250 diesel the other day, and apart from the non existent accelleration quite liked the solid feel of it. Just seen this car, would I be mad? Its at the top of my budget but comes with a new mot - private sale - and the brake pipes mentioned in the car by car breakdown have just been done and its got the indicators in the mirrors which I think is the facelift. He wants £8300. I dont have any experience of big Mercs and any comments appreciated.

2000 MERCEDES-BENZ E CLASS E320 CDi Avantgarde 5dr Tip Auto Diesel Estate
140,000 miles, Green. W reg. 140K motorway miles. Main agent maintained - no expense spared - so full MBSH. New cylinder head in 2005 - cost £5,000 - so engine is virtually new. Non-standard spec items include: 7 seats; xenon lights; leather seats; DAB stereo with iPod input; auto-dimming rear view mirror; roof (cross) rails for bikes, box etc; Mercedes snow chains. Other key spec includes: ABS, air conditioning, alloy wheels, computer, cruise control, driver airbag, electric mirrors, electric windows, foglights, front armrest, electrically adjustable seats, headlight washers, immobiliser, passenger airbag, power assisted steering, remote locking, side airbags, traction control, alarm, audio remote control, body coloured bumpers, multi-function steering wheel.
Merc E320 CDI possible purchase - Roger Jones
Do a Forum search on "320", "CDI", "320 CDI", etc. for more than a few comments on this engine, not least glowplug problems if I recall correctly.

Also check out:

and search again.

Note also that it was a W210 and therefore was of the class most prone to corrosion problems. I don't equate a new cylinder head with a "virtually new" engine, but I am no technical expert.

It could be a great car, but check around and then check it out very carefully.
Merc E320 CDI possible purchase - madf
corrosion: everywhere but especially front suspension crossmember. Tops of doors... everywhere...

Can you afford the maintenance? Get quotes from Mercedes service departments (ring up and ask for next serice now and sit down when doing it.. it will NOT be cheap...).. and see what past bills have been. Your £5k for a new cylinder head will not be the only big bill imo....
Merc E320 CDI possible purchase - Roger Jones
Good point, madf, but there are plenty of good MB indies around who will do the job for half MB dealer rates, and probably do it better too.
Merc E320 CDI possible purchase - 659FBE
I feel that as you have listed the spec. down to the last foglight, you may be besotted with this car.

The reputation of these vehicles is not good. The running costs are insane. It's probably a rust bucket.

Have a careful think - it's your money - and consider something like a nearly new Skoda or Seat instead. The three pointed star is alluring in your sightline as you drive it, but it will haunt you in the end.

Merc E320 CDI possible purchase - Roger Jones
Alternatively, find a good W124 estate, good examples of which are increasingly scarce. You could do worse that start at, if only for plenty of good info.

[Not hotlinked because I think HJ would consider it to be an ad.]
Merc E320 CDI possible purchase - Stuartli
I used to drive an S-Class CDI 320 - went like the provervial xxxx off a shovel...:-)
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Merc E320 CDI possible purchase - Stuartli

...and average 35-37mpg on a long run.
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What\'s for you won\'t pass you by
Merc E320 CDI possible purchase - stunorthants
I had three customers all with 320 CDI Mercs. I say had because they have all traded them in for BMW 5-series diesels now, saloons and an estate. Could just be a coincidence...
Merc E320 CDI possible purchase - drbe
Well - I have almost an identical car. Differences - colour - mileage, mine has done 166,000 - mine is 2001 - otherwise everything else is the same.

Problems? Rust - no, I have had it from new and it has always been garaged. Reliability - all glow plugs were changed a couple of years ago and I had the gearbox overhauled this summer at a cost of £1,600. Otherwise, touch wood, it has been ok.

You need to find a good independant garage - where do you live? MB main dealers are, in my experience absolutely top notch, including the prices they charge.

I love mine. I am in the process of conditioning SWMBO to let me have another one.

If you want to discuss your purchase further, I am happy to do so - either on this forum or by email.

Merc E320 CDI possible purchase - Aprilia
They are lovely cars if you get a good example and don't have trouble with it.
There are a lot of rusty ones though. Look back through this guy's service history and see if you think you can sustain that level of service expenditure (they don't get cheaper to run as they get older, LOL!).
Indpendents are of course cheaper than main agent, but see if you have one locally and remember that although cheaper they don't do work for free.....
Merc E320 CDI possible purchase - Craig_1969
Thanks for all the great advice, really appreciated. I think I will steer clear and buy something without £1k repair bills.

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