Chipped Xsara clutch slip - ROBIN
This vehicle had a very high clutch release point out of the box,and i notice that it can now be provoked into slight slippage if you boot the torque in.
Is there any adjustment? i cant see any.
it has about 6000 miles to go before a service,and whilst I'm not allergic to popping it into my very unlocal dealer I wondered if there was a quick check/fix to save myself the wasted morning.I suppose i shall have to deal with the warranty implications of the chip as and when they arise,although the handbook is a bit unspecific,and the chip is claimed to be within manufacturers figures,whatever that means.This is very clearly a clutch problem,the chip aint THAT vicious!You can also burn the clutch on severe hill starts,or rather The Blonde Controller can.
Any ideas anyone/
Oh,and please dont hesitate to hav a good laugh at my expense,if I'm up for a clutch we need value for money!

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