Ford Mondeo brake upgrade??? - plant1983
Hi there I own a 2000 Ford Mondeo 2ltr Zetec (no abs) and I was wondering how feasable it is to upgrade the rear drum brakes to discs and also whether there are any worthwhile upgrades for the front brakes?

I find that the brakes are ok but if there are any good upgrades I would like to know as I feel they could be improved.

Many thanks!!

Ford Mondeo brake upgrade??? - jc2
You'd have to change everything from the master cylinder backwards and would end up with a worse h/brake and a more complicated job doing anything on the back brakes;try the EBC website for up-rated front discs and pads.
Ford Mondeo brake upgrade??? - DP
I would check the standard brakes are in top condition first so ensure that the pads, discs, shoes and drums are in good order (and are good quality parts), the fluid has been renewed in the past 2 years and has been thoroughly bled, and that all hoses and pipework are in good condition.

The only reason I say this is that I find the brakes on my 2000 Mondeo to be very good. Nice firm (but not dead) pedal, virtually no free pedal travel before the brakes apply, and good, consistent response. They inspire lots of confidence.

Might be worth just checking yours out first to make sure they are all they should be before spending money on upgrade parts.

Ford Mondeo brake upgrade??? - Number_Cruncher
If you change anything, you will need to tell your insurers about it.

If you do anything to your rear brakes, you ***must*** ensure that the rear brakes cannot lock. Believe it or not, it is much safer to lock up your front brakes in a car than the rear - cars with locked rear wheels tend to swap ends - very quickly!!. This no locking of the rar brakes has been a long standing requirement of both the British construction and use regulations, and the more stringent European ECE regulations.

Compliance with these legal requirements usually means that rear brakes on cars are fed via pressure reducing valves, load sensing valves, or so-called g-valves - the rear brakes are therefore deliberatly "throttled".

I tend to agree with the other advice given - don't bother messing with your rear brakes. Handbrakes on drum brakes are much simpler than on discs - there isn't a huge braking performance hit to be had - your insurers might not be happy - there's a good chance that by adding more brake force, you could make your car unsafe.

I would suggest - service your existing brakes, using OEM parts, change the fluid. Make sure your tyres are tip-top - I'm sure your brakes will be able to lock the front wheels anyway, consider using tyres with better grip.

Finally, the best upgrade, for the most sensitive, complex and expensive component - one that you can take with you when you swap the car. Treat yourself to some advanced driving lessons. You will then be able to make better, safer progress in any car you drive throughout your entire driving career.


Ford Mondeo brake upgrade??? - Collos25
Cost more than the cars worth to do it properly.
Ford Mondeo brake upgrade??? - jc2
NC-a minor point.
The regulations applying in Europe are strictly EEC(European Economic Community) and are in fact usually called "directives".ECE(Economic Commission for Europe) regulations are put out by the United Nations and can be applied throughout the whole world.The two sets are usually similar,tho' there can be differences and one of the major differences is the date of enforcement with the EEC(or EC) usually ahead of the ECE.Many countries in the world pick and choose which part of the whole range of ECE regulations they want and also the application date.Having said that,they will usually accept the EECequivalent test report as proof of compliance but some won't and wish to observe an ECE test themselves.
Ford Mondeo brake upgrade??? - Number_Cruncher
Yes, you're right jc2, I got my E's and my C's mixed up!

The EEC directives I was thinking of are 71/320 and 75/524.

Where the British regs say something vague and woolly along the lines of the rear brakes must not lock, the European rules are more strict, and specify the relative braking on the front and rear axles in terms of adhesion utilisation. Without becoming excessively numeric, these rules effectively prevent rear axle locking, and also prevent this being achieved simply by over-throttling the rear brakes.

Ford Mondeo brake upgrade??? - Number_Cruncher
Having dug a little further, the braking requirements of ECE directive 13 are equivalent to those of EEC directive 71/320



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