Another Fifth Gear Thread - Dynamic Dave

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Top Gear may be suspended for a little while, so we'll just have to make do with 5th Gear instead.

Tonight (25/09/06), Channel 5 - 8pm.

They've moved location from their dreary base (with that hollow echo in the background) in the last series to The Ace Café, as well as having a new presenter - Tim Lovejoy.

Whether they go through with what's listed for tonights episode because of recent events with Hampster, we'll have to wait and see.

"There's lots to look forward to - we were the only car show allowed behind the scenes of the car stunts in the forthcoming Bond movie, Casino Royale; we've been teaching England's top cricketers Freddie Flintoff and Kevin Pietersen how to race; and we've got plans for our most spectacular car crash ever."
Fifth Gear back tonight (25/09/06) - Victorbox
I still can't get over what that woman (who thinks a lot of herself) did to the Mercedes in the last series!
Fifth Gear back tonight (25/09/06) - Glaikit Wee Scunner {P}
You mean the naughty Vicky Butler Henderson?
I recall she drove a Mercedes SL so hard the engine management though it was going to roll over, deploying the roll over bar.
Was that it?
Wonderful stuff.
I wasna fu but just had plenty.
Fifth Gear back tonight (25/09/06) - Dynamic Dave
Was that it?

No, I believe the one Victorbox is referring to is the Estate Merc that she trashed by setting it on fire, drowning it, beating it up with a baseball bat - in other words a copy of what Top Gear did to the Toyota Hilux.
Fifth Gear back tonight (25/09/06) - type's'
I've given up on it already and the first episode hasn't finished.
I've seen this whole series before a couple of months ago.
They have replaced Top with Fifth and just repeated it haven't they - racing planes round tracks etc.
IMO the show is terrible - come back Top Gear - quickly.
Fifth Gear back tonight (25/09/06) - daveyjp
What a waste of time. Tim Lovejoy stick to footy - 4 speech trip ups whilst reading from a script in first 5 minutes. Only mildly interesting bit was the fully automated Golf. If anyone wants a car crushing using a JCB 30 tonner I know a man who can!
Fifth Gear back tonight (25/09/06) - Dynamic Dave
Only mildly interesting bit was the fully automated Golf.

Although I've only seen the last half hour of the show, I have to agree. Will watch the first half later; but from what I have seen so far, I'm not sure if I can take much more of Tim Lovejoy sucking up to Vicki.
Fifth Gear back tonight (25/09/06) - teabelly
Total disappointment. The self driving golf was interesting. The DJ car was mildly diverting. The rest of it was a waste of electrons.
Fifth Gear back tonight (25/09/06) - massey
"The self driving golf was interesting"

I agree so John Bentley was the presenter with the only little bit of gravitas.
Fifth Gear back tonight (25/09/06) - oldgit
It was dire, dire, dire, dire, dire, dire, dire.................................and possiblly evern awful!!

Top Gear is infinitely more polished although still showing some equally banal items which cause me to keep on looking at my watch/clocks to see how much time there is to the end - I'm sorry to have to say.
Fifth Gear back tonight (25/09/06) - massey
Vandalising a old Golf with a digger?

What'as that about? Entertainment?

Programme is for children that should be in bed by 8pm
Fifth Gear back tonight (25/09/06) - Mr.Tee.43
Have to agree.I looked forward to the new series and was so dissapointed I changed channels and watched
the labour loans scandel on 4

They seem to have destroyed a half decent program and replaced it with a program to target yoof culture.

i just realised how good Jason Plato was !

Fifth Gear back tonight (25/09/06) - Chicken Vindaloo
"i just realised how good Jason Plato was !"

So they've replaced Plato with an antiques dealer? SWMBO will be distraught. He was the only reason she agreed to come with me to Brands Hatch last weekend....
Fifth Gear back tonight (25/09/06) - Caveman
According ot the website, Plato is still there.

Me thinks youre confusing Tim Lovejoy for Ian McShanes character.
Fifth Gear back tonight (25/09/06) - Chicken Vindaloo
"Me thinks youre confusing Tim Lovejoy for Ian McShanes character."

Ah, my mistake - sorry!
Fifth Gear back tonight (25/09/06) - Westpig
that was dire wasn't it........wooden acting, old hash ups of previous ideas, did anyone notice the man in the Ace Cafe who looked like he'd come out of the toliet in the background with his trousers still full?

SWMBO has never really liked 5th gear.......unlike TG which she really quite enjoys..... and i've had a battle in the past to get her to watch it.............. this time round i had to side with her...........i'll give it one more go and if it's as bad next week as it was this week it'll have to go
Fifth Gear back tonight (25/09/06) - rtj70
Lets not forget Fifth Gear really is the old Top Gear. Presenters and production team went to Channel 5 when the Beeb suspended it.... Good on the Beeb.

My wife likes the current Top Gear and so knew who RH, JC and JM were when RH crashed. It's entertainment and the old Top Gear she'd have never watched with me.

Biggest surprise of the week.... she spotted a Chrysler 300C and liked it. If I could afford it I thought she'd never agree to that! Might be the knock to the head in the Italy accident ;-) Still don't think I could afford one but looking into it.
Fifth Gear back tonight (25/09/06) - PoloGirl heart belongs to the Hamster, but Plato would come a very close second. If he's left fifth gear then there is nothing left to watch it for.

Fifth Gear back tonight (25/09/06) - massey
I've just emailed the programme the link to this discussion. (Their email; '')

I wonder will anyone at 5th Gear read these mostly negative posts??
Fifth Gear back tonight (25/09/06) - rtj70
I once made a complaint to BBC News ... they made a mistake regarding a football score for my wife's club and offered poor coverage... they apologised (still have the email) and wonder of wonders, they mentioned the team for the next two months all the time. Coincidence of course.

So yeh point them in this direction. If car enthusiasts avoid the programme it will die... i didn't bother watching even though I saw this thread this afternoon. And no I didn't even record it.

Bring back Top Gear.
Fifth Gear back tonight (25/09/06) - Number_Cruncher
I watched 5 minutes, and then decided my time would be better spent dealing with the cat's litter tray.

I would welcome an authoritative car program - one that isn't afraid to present more technical information. However, I expect I'm a slightly odd case, and in the current lowest common denominator programming, I can't see that happening soon. Perhaps, however, there is room for an automotive Adam Hart-Davis or Fred Dibnah type of enthusiastic presentation of the technical side of cars.

I can tolerate the laddish and witty Top Gear - just about!. However, Fifth Gear is neither informative or funny. I'm sure that the presenters could do better if they stopped attempting to ape Top Gear, and began to plough their own furrow.

Fifth Gear back tonight (25/09/06) - massey
If 5th gear became an 'authoritative car programme' methinks John Bentley would be the only one capable.

That annoying Vicky Butler Henderson?? Whatever could she do??
Fifth Gear back tonight (25/09/06) - martint123
I wouldn't have believed it possible, but that program has hit an all time low - pathetic. And I was so looking forward to it.
Fifth Gear back tonight (25/09/06) - Pugugly {P}
Oh well that's were Sky+ comes in handy, where's the yellow button ? Ah there! ..delete.
Fifth Gear back tonight (25/09/06) - LexusBoy
" heart belongs to the Hamster, but Plato would come a very close second."

Funnily enough, that's exactly near enough to the word what SWMBO said to me on Sunday night.

I so want that black Ferrari on the right hand side of this screen....
Fifth Gear back tonight (25/09/06) - Stuartli
The problem is that such programmes are fast running out of new ideas.

Top Gear overcame the problem at first by going out more and more on a limb, but the stage has now been reached where something different is very diffcult to come up with and, in the end, bears little relevance to everyday motoring.

Don't get me wrong. There's no one around, for instance, that enjoys Top Gear more than me and it fulfils its aim of entertaining (for 70 per cent of the time) superbly, but eventually the production team hit a brick wall.

So here's your chance. Suggest something that Top Gear, Fifth Gear or any other motoring programme can take on board that's not been done before.
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Fifth Gear back tonight (25/09/06) - rtj70
Before RH's crash I'd heard this was the last season of Top Gear. If that was true it backs up what you say. And I'd agree.

Unless the show is about reviews of all new cars (boring I can test drive them) then they have a problem. TG was different but no much new they can do... hence the jet car?
Fifth Gear back tonight (25/09/06) - teabelly
It isn't the novelty that makes me watch TG. It's the obvious fun and cameraderie and sillyness that goes on between the presenters which makes it something special. It's kind of like last of the summer wine. They do the same old stuff every week for years on end but still it amuses. The TG presenters are the Compo, Cleg & Foggy of the future :-)

Anyone can do a turgid programme about cars, Pulling Power frequently does, but it takes a special brew of people to do something a bit more. The quality of writing on TG is high. I used to like the earlier series or three of driven with their car tests and the presenters on that always seemed like they were having a good time together first, and presenting a programme second. With fifth gear it seems to be the other way round. The gadget show is the same as TG to some extent. The reviews of products are good, there is a bit of gimmickery but the presenters are happy to try new things, do daft stuff and joke around with each other which is what makes it worth watching.

There hasn't been an all female car show yet. VBH & Sabine Schmidt would seem like an explosive combination. Chuck in Penny Mallory as the sensible one and see what long as it doesn't have Michelle Newman it should be ok!

Fifth Gear back tonight (25/09/06) - mare
There hasn't been an all female car show yet. VBH &
Sabine Schmidt would seem like an explosive combination. Chuck in Penny
Mallory as the sensible one and see what long as
it doesn't have Michelle Newman it should be ok!

Teabelly, you have the makings of a REALLY good idea there (swear filter and my limited vocabulary precludes further emphasis).
Fifth Gear back tonight (25/09/06) - midlifecrisis
I think we should start a petition to run alongside the 'Save Top Gear' one. This one would be 'Get rid of the dirge known as Fifth Gear'. I never thought the day would come when I turned a motoring programme off, (I even persisted through the very last series of Driven).

This was utter, utter tat! My wooden table has got more ability than those new presenters!
Fifth Gear back tonight (25/09/06) - PW
Seconded. Although I would also like to see the back of Tiff Needell- far too smug- and why does he insist on showing off his power sliding skills every 5 seconds.

Personally would like to see more of Jason Plato, and would like to see more of Mike Brewer and Jason Barlow on a program like this (but leave TG as is).

Who is that new bloke of FG? Never heard of him before- although so wooden might have mistaken him for a prop before. Even in a 'real' environment came over as totally false, and even more forced buddy atmosphere than ever.
Fifth Gear back tonight (25/09/06) - Adam {P}
Didn't watch Fifth Gear but if you're on about Tim Lovejoy it's a shame really. He presents a program called Soccer AM and he's actually really good on that. Looks like Fifth Gear just isn't for him.
Fifth Gear back tonight (25/09/06) - Big Bad Dave
The Al Gore spot was interesting although it wasn't exactly a probing interview. Dunno where that new guy has sprouted from but I thought he was ok too.

I'm sure there were episodes in the last series that were far worse. I have to admit I was watching it with one eye, I was busy doing something else.

Yeah I'd like to see Mike Brewer given some good terrestrial work and that other guy, the bald one, I think his name is Dom.

Him from the gadget show - can't stand him. Tom the fat bloke is ok though but his features are very hit and miss. The DJ-ing Aygo did nothing for me.

It's a generic magazine programme and backroomers have more specific needs and wants. I'm sure a lot of Britons enjoyed it.
Fifth Gear back tonight (25/09/06) - PoloGirl
"So the racing should be worth watching."

Precisely why I adore touring cars - it's so watchable.... and there's Plato....and Tom Chilton...and the added amusement of Fiona consistently not winning anything.

I wouldnt watch anything that had VBH as main presenter. Cant stand the way she simpers all over people.
Fifth Gear back tonight (25/09/06) - Westpig
"So the racing should be worth watching."
Precisely why I adore touring cars - it's so watchable....

i'll tell you what's even better and an added bonus is hardly anyone goes to watch them, so you virtually have the place to yourself

the older stuff like the HSSC (Historic Sports Car Club) or maybe AMOC (Astons), JDC (Jags) etc,etc

there's nothing better than seeing an E Type battling a Mustang or a 70's saloon race with a Rover V8 versus Dolomite Sprint.... where the cars do power drifts, the drivers constantly battling with opposite lock with the tyres screaming as they're not as roadworhty as the newer the handling is more entertaining
Fifth Gear back tonight (25/09/06) - massey
haven't heard the word 'simpers' for years PoloGirl

Describes that woman eloquently.
Fifth Gear back tonight (25/09/06) - AlanGowdy
Now that FG is a clone of TG, is there a programme on telly anywhere for people like me who are interested in motoring topics which go into more depth than "how fast can it accelerate and corner"?
Fifth Gear back tonight (25/09/06) - boxsterboy
Yes, it was complete and utter rubbish - aimed squarely at kids. Won't be wasting my Monday evenings on that again.

The only vaguely worthwhile bit was the (admitedly very slim) chance to win a MINI GP for a £1 text.
Fifth Gear back tonight (25/09/06) - oldgit
You and me alike, it seems, miss the days when motoring programmes on TV were about motoring and not silly pranks..

Obviously I do not want to back to the days when we were shown how to clean or change the points in our distributors but I would like to see a more sobe,r perhaps sensible side to motoring topics on TV - why do they have to be of a mass entertainment format for all the family? Surely some part of these programmes could have a more useful and serious segment?

There are lots of new cars out there which I'd like to see compared, sensibly, without the frivolity or banality which seems to be de rigeur in programmes such as TG and FG. It grieves me to say this but I'm losing my patience with both of these, because they leave me depressed and embarrassed with their content - Sorry guys and gals.
Fifth Gear back tonight (25/09/06) - madf
I cannot judge the entire program as I channel hopped but the words:
drivel, childish, puerile , badly presented , what a load of rubbish
come to mind.

Another program to miss:-)
Fifth Gear back tonight (25/09/06) - Lud
It may just possibly be the case that serious discussion of the automobile for public consumption is regarded as dangerous, like serious discussion of politics, economics and international affairs. It is feared that we wouldn't understand, or worse still that we might.

Keep it dumbed down in public, keep the real stuff for closed session.

Baaa! Baaa!
Fifth Gear back tonight (25/09/06) - AlanGowdy

Post deleted - reason why?

Fifth Gear back tonight (25/09/06) - massey
The same reason 5th gear had a digger squashing a parked old Golf.

completley pointless, maybe for infants TV
Fifth Gear back tonight (25/09/06) - daveyjp
Some airport runways have public roads close to the take off area. At least now I know not to drive across the back of a 747 should I ever find myself on such a road!
Fifth Gear back tonight (25/09/06) - daveyjp
This pic illustrates my point!!!

And this airport does get 747s.
Fifth Gear back tonight (25/09/06) - Chris S
VBH is one of my least favorite presenters. On one show they featured a yellow Rolls Royce.

She said something along the lines of it being "the sort of car that Craig the builder who won Big Brother would have bought, if he hadn't have given his winnings to charity."

{Some text removed as was not relevant to the post - DD}
Fifth Gear back tonight (25/09/06) - Citroënian {P}
Liked the Golf thing, but it could have easily fitted into the Gadget show, on before 5th Gear.

Can't abide VBH, her puting and grunting don't do it for me, and she can't control a car - the MINI GP kept snatching back from her when she was driving it.

Tiff is just great; the plane thing was a good idea, well executed, but somehow boring. The camerawork was dizzingly unwatchable.

Beardy man seems to have good bits (Japan in last series) and poor bits (like last night's Aygo).

I'm a fan of Soccer AM (and the All sports show too when Lovejoy was on it). He's a good presenter, either we'll get used to him talking about cars or they'll sack him. Ideally, they should get Helen Chamberlain in with him too, she knows her wheels and is a lot better on TV than VBH (imho).

Hope 5th Gear isn't going the way of Driven (i.e. down the pan and off the telly) as if the alternative is a documentary on labour funding then I'd still rather try for a car show.

Interestingly, directly after 5th Gear was used car roadshow on m&m. I really like this show. Sky+ it to skip the repeated bit, but the cars are more realistic and despite not liking him much on TG, Jason Dawe is really very good on this - doesn't harm him having the delicable Penny on with him either.

And for completeness, who's that weird bloke on Gone in 60 Seconds on M&M, the auction show? Looks a bit shifty to me. :-)

-- You know, it\'s not like changing toothpaste
Fifth Gear back tonight (25/09/06) - bimmer-driver
I used to quite like it when the last series was on but last nights, what a pile of poo. Shan't be watching it again.
Channel 4's Driven went the same way- earlier series of that were good, then it went all daft and got cancelled.
Fifth Gear back tonight (25/09/06) - GregSwain
Completely agree with Ibiza-driver. What a cheap, cr*ppy copy of Top Gear. Turned off after 5 minutes, and don't intend watching again. God help us if they cancel TG and we're forced to watch 5th Gear as a motoring show!
Fifth Gear back tonight (25/09/06) - Big John
Didn't like the new 5th gear at all.

Love Top Gear but also like Used Car Road Show on M&M , seemed to be an older type show this week though. Big fan of the new series of Wheeler Dealers on Disc Real Time as well. I used to restore loads of classic cars, now have the back from hell(probably that Zodiac clutch), fun to watch though.
Fifth Gear back tonight (25/09/06) - Lud
Vroom vroom is carp too.
Fifth Gear back tonight (25/09/06) - Dynamic Dave
Vroom vroom is carp too.

I have only recently started watching that, but I actually quite like the show. Yes, it's a bit tacky, but miles better that 5th G.
Fifth Gear back tonight (25/09/06) - Citroënian {P}
Vroom Vroom

EPB is a definite improvement over VBH

-- You know, it\'s not like changing toothpaste
Fifth Gear back tonight (25/09/06) - MVP
The first episode was absolute rubbish - last seasons Top Gear ideas poorly re-hashed.

Vicky BH acts like an over-excited teenager on speed, and Mr Lovejoy should be presenting childrens TV.

Embarrassing effort for prime time TV
Fifth Gear back tonight (25/09/06) - MokkaMan
I am liking this show less and less. Thought the Cafe idea was silly - the live audience being effectively disconnected from the presenters. This is something TG does very well and the audience being involved gives the show a bit of an edge.

The new presenter seemed completely wet to me and the exchanges with VBH over-rehearesed and lacking any sponteneity (again TG presentation much sharper and you do get a sense that the guys socialise together making the communication much warmer and spontaneous)

All the presenters are never in the studio / on location at the same time. It makes the thing very disjointed.

I agree with rest of the comments - a lot of the ideas are silly - they will be resurrecting Drivens "Car Sumo" next.

Fifth Gear should not try to Challenge TG (the TG format is much better and the presenters much higher quality). There is surely a place for a dedicated car show like Driven in the early days doing group tests. I have not seen Vroom Vroom but Pulling Power, which is meant to be serious is in fact just dull and I always end up switching off.. Fifth Gear should do this but probably won't because it would mean conceding defeat.

OF the car shows not mentioned so far - I liked Good Car Bad Car (Jason Barlow & Dominic Littlewood). I enjoyed the earpiece sourced roasting of the car dealers.
Fifth Gear, last night - 02/10/06 - oldgit
Did anyone watch this drivel last night? VBH and her new presenter are truly awful, especially the latter of whom I've never heard.
Terribly amateurish presentation and VBH was, seemingly having some sort of orgasm describing and giving Mr Flintoff racing lessons at least I think that is what they were. And yet, perhaps there were some elements of the programme that were to do with almost 'proper' cars, unlike TG? However the latter is so professional by comparison with this Channel 5 (Five) production.

Despite what I may have promised myself, about wasting time watching it, I might still watch it next week although I'll use the fast forward button copiously.
Fifth Gear, last night - Hamsafar
"VBH was, seemingly having some sort of orgasm"

I don't usually watch it, but is it repeated later in the week?
Fifth Gear, last night - stunorthants
I noticed it in the listings last night, but i couldnt lower myself to such politically-correct rubbish.

A complete waste of air-time. Sack the lot of them for being both bizarre and utterly dull.
Fifth Gear, last night - 1066
i thought the backroomers were exagerating when they said how bad last weeks programme was. last nights was truly awful. i had to switch off after 20 mins due to vbh and her wimpering and do the ironing.
Fifth Gear, last night - Roger Jones
Happily I was spared this: Channel 5 did its usual efficient job of censoring it by way of a snowstorn on the screen.
Fifth Gear, last night - massey
'snowstorn on the screen' have you tried watching Ch 5 thru a freeview box? works much better in my reception area, although this particular programme is worth avoiding.
Fifth Gear, last night - Red Baron
Yes I watched some of it.

I thought FF looked a bit embaressed by VBHs antics. She may well have fancied him in the sort of way that many men have an affinity for VBH. Not really very cricket.

That new presenter is rubbish - his eyes are far too close together. The whole programme has sunk a bit in terms of the viewers it is trying to appeal to. They'll be calling it Redline or Max Power next.

Oldgit, maybe VHB is just not your cup of tea.
Fifth Gear, last night - oldgit
Yes I watched some of it.
Oldgit, maybe VHB is just not your cup of tea.

Well, yes she is, in a sort of funny way - despite being a misogynist!

She just seems to be a bit OTT in this new series.
Fifth Gear, last night - Big Bad Dave
"That new presenter is rubbish"

James May doesn't exactly sparkle. He's a tv presenter with a maths teacher struggling to break out.
Fifth Gear, last night - Armitage Shanks {p}
I'll go along with James May as a schoolmaster! Slightly shorter hair would help the look but his writing is very funny indeed. A book of his collected thoughts is available and worth a read.
Fifth Gear, last night - tr7v8
I watched last nights & thought it was OK. Interested in the Cayman so that was OK, yes VBH did go over the top but as for driving instruction yes that's what it is, she used to be a professional instructor at several race circuits so is more than qualified & maybe Mr. Flintoffs driving will improve as in he had 9 points!
The rest of it was OK, no interest in the Renaults but thought a good presenatation, especially the bit about weight on the old one!
Yup the new muppet should be shot, god he's dire!
Fifth Gear, last night - madf
I watched part of last weeks and thought "they cannot be SO bad again".
Based on the odd 2 minutes watching last night, they were .. or perhaps worse?
Has VBH been given a stoooopid girl laf or is it natural?


Fifth Gear, last night - daveyjp
After last week's debacle I taped last night's programme. The Bentley Azure item was the only part I watched most of the way through. The rest was the usual rubbish.
Fifth Gear, last night - bell boy
is this tat back on then?
Another Fifth Gear Thread - ajit
Could not figure out the reason for the Wreck my Car clip. Why crush a erfectly servicable VW Golf because it got parking tickets - get the driver. Totally pointless
Another Fifth Gear Thread - Dynamic Dave
Why crush a erfectly servicable VW Golf because it got parking tickets - get the driver. Totally pointless

For 15 seconds of fame probably.
Another Fifth Gear Thread - Craig_1969
Tiff seems to be distancing himself from the others on 5th Gear, article found on Autotrader. VBH fans check it out next week if there are any of you:

Auto Talk: Tiff Needell
27 September 2006

Fifth Gear

The new series of Channel 5's motoring show Fifth Gear has started. I ask Tiff how filming of the new series is going.

"Brilliant - we're all up and running. I'm getting to drive some great cars - I've just filmed a piece with an Evo, which was good, but they're a little more prone to understeer than they used to be. I've driven a Ferrari 599. But the fastest I've been this series was 171mph - on a bike," says Tiff.

One notable change to the series (apart from the new venue – the Ace Café) is the addition of Soccer AM presenter Tim Lovejoy as Tiff's co-host.

"It's very nice to have him onboard. He's a nice chap, but I haven't met him yet," says Tiff. "I film all my pieces out in the field - Vicki and Tim do all their pieces seperately."

Come back next week for our interview with Tiff's co-star Vicki Butler-Henderson.
Oh Dear Fifth Gear - aahbarnes
Again absolutely dire, extremely amateur, but what really got me was that guy driving the Lambourghini whilst holding a mobile phone to his ear. He later described the car as 'mega'. Ho hum.
Oh Dear Fifth Gear - Stuartli
Haven't been watching it tonight (AutumnWatch as it's both very interesting and Martin Mere is only about six miles from where I live), but Fifth Gear only started at 8pm....:-)
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Oh Dear Fifth Gear - aahbarnes
i'm sitting here watching it, laptop on lap.
Oh Dear Fifth Gear - Dynamic Dave
At least the crash barrier article was worth watching. Mind you, you could move this sort of thing the The Gadget Show and ditch 5th Gear altogether.

Not sure if VBH and Tim L were cringing at the swearing of Matthew Pritchard and his Dirty Sanchez mates, or the direness of the "smash up a car" article. Personally, I think it was the latter.
Oh Dear Fifth Gear - Citroënian {P}
Well, credit where credit's due - thought Lovejoy's piece on the electric car was very good - the best car test on something like that since Driven took a fortwo (not that it was called that then) around a supermarket. Really did enjoy it.

Sky plussed at 30x most of the rest - who gave VBH the idea she can teach people how to drive? She needs to sort out her own car control first. {runs....}

Thought Tiff's van bit was lame and Tom Ford seems to be losing the plot. I've no idea why those "nurses" were involved, and I don't think they or he did either.

-- You know, it\'s not like changing toothpaste
Oh Dear Fifth Gear - oldgit
I don't know which is the more dire, The Gadget Show or Fifth Gear? Why not meld the two into one programme eliminating the worst pieces and make a good 30/45 mins show!
Oh Dear Fifth Gear - MokkaMan
Can someone please do something about VBH's laugh - it sounds as if she is being strangled - really really grates with me - or perhaps C5 could invent some mute facility that comes on as soon as a grin begins - no actually can we make that at all times - the faux banter with Tim Lovejoy is equally bad.

Tiff is the only one worth watching

Top Gear cannot return fast enough
Oh Dear Fifth Gear - PW
Would agree the bit about the electric cars was actually quite interesting, and for once for FG didnt seem a staged propaganda message from those concerned (ie the traffic warden bit the week before), and the crash barrier piece was good too,

But the rest was drivel. At least they admitted the car wrecking bit was just to give a bit of free publicity to Dirty Sanchez (although actually made me want to avoid their film even more).

Would have quite liked to have seen a bit more of the A team van, but did think was probably just a well made look a like which is why they didnt go into much detail about it.

Oh Dear Fifth Gear - Dynamic Dave
Would have quite liked to have seen a bit more of the A team van,

It wasn't the actual van, but a similar GMC van made to look like the A Team van by having the same wheels and red go faster stripe down the sides.
::anorak mode on::The original A team van didn't have red leather seats for a start. ::anorak mode off::
Oh Dear Fifth Gear - stevied
Where do I start?

Seemingly lairy driving on a normal Italian road.

Use of mobile whilst driving; indulging in faux-banter with fellow Mockney mucker "You wouldn't believe where I am"...

I am a LITTLE tired of such articles in all types of magazine programmes: "Teach my posh sister to racing drive", "Give someone who is privileged to drive fast bikes and cars another indulgence by giving him a Murcielago, because he's "only" had M3s and a Gallardo before, poor lamb".

Tosh, drivel, waffle and piffle.
Oh Dear Fifth Gear - Mr.Tee.43
Well,I for one actually like the gadget show.It's well presented and has interesting tests of,well "gadgets"
Give me Suzy Perry over VBH any day ! (Motoring link preserved )
Oh Dear Fifth Gear - Dynamic Dave
Their studio is *situated* at The Ace Café this time, but has anyone else noticed their is a 'halo' effect around VHB & Tim L? Almost like one of those films where the scenery behind them isn't actually there but put in afterwards. No doubt some of the filming is genuinely at The Ace Café, ie:- the carpark filming, but I reckon the internal filming is done with VBH & Tim L sat in front of a table in a studio somewhere, with the Cafe background put in afterwards for effect. Otherwise you would have Joe Nobody and his mates walking up to their table, waving in the background, or shouting out "hello mum, look, I'm on the telly"
Oh Dear Fifth Gear - drbe
Otherwise you would have Joe Nobody and his
mates walking up to their table, waving in the background, or
shouting out "hello mum, look, I'm on the telly"


Perhaps you are right, or perhaps they close the Cafe for filming.
Oh Dear Fifth Gear - drbe
Something I meant to write and forgot; is that I find the whole programme so childish!!!
Oh Dear Fifth Gear - IanJohnson
Saw five minutes the other day, won't see any more!
Oh Dear Fifth Gear - Altea Ego
Just got in from dog walking in Windsor Park. Got the choice of watching tele or painting the outside of the house.

5th Gear or Allo Allo.

5 minutes of 5th gear and its click - Gerneral Von Klinkerhoffen is the better choice.
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Oh Dear Fifth Gear - Westpig
so it's still really bad then.........i was beginning to hype myslef up to have a look, hoping it might have improved a bit .... i presume it's not worth it
Oh Dear Fifth Gear - madf
"i presume it's not worth it"

I suspect that if you are a spotty 21 year old who has had 8 lagers, are bored and has no taste in cars but fancies VBH it is worth it.

Otherwise imo NOT.. I will not watch again until a chorus of approval greets a major revamp (which is badly needed and should start by getting rid of said VBH )

Oh Dear Fifth Gear - Dynamic Dave
so it's still really bad then.........

TVM must have been watching a repeat of last Monday's episode. Quite why anyone would do that is anyone's guess - unless of course they didn't believe it was that bad first time around!
Oh Dear Fifth Gear - Altea Ego
In my defence, I didnt see the monday one, and yes it was repeated today.
TourVanMan TM < Ex RF >
Oh Dear Fifth Gear - oldgit
>> so it's still really bad then.........
TVM must have been watching a repeat of last Monday's episode.
Quite why anyone would do that is anyone's guess - unless
of course they didn't believe it was that bad first time

It's fascinating in its dire 'ness' . I don't know who that piece of wood is, as VBH's co-presenter but I reckon a piece of wood has more life and isn't so wooden. Terrible presention and no spontaneity but I expect he's a good family man (we at least saw some members of his family).
Strangley enough and I hate to have to admit this but certain aspects of this programme do have some useful informative items, in fact moreso than that more polished TG programme on BBC2.

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