Buying a car from Northern Ireland - LHM
Hi Guys,

I'm considering buying a vehicle from a Belfast-based seller, and was wondering if NI is treated any differently from the rest of the UK - as far as vehicle registration goes, anyway (!).

Are there any tax/duty implications, and can the 'odd' plates be swapped for more standard ones?

Buying a car from Northern Ireland - Falkirk Bairn
Belfast is in GB & NI sdo the position is the same as buying in E,W or S for that matter. The licence plates are different and the car will be reistered in NI if 2nd hand.

Deals in NI dealers differ from the UK as a whole as the NI dealers have stiff competition from imports from the South of Ireland. The tax free prices i Eire are much less than the UK as the Republic has Car Tax (25% from memory) & VAT whereas we have VAT only on top of the Man List Price

Car Ins in NI is Very Expensive so NI car deals a few years back (by manufacturers) often featured on Insurance inc in the price for say 2 years or mre to encourage local purchase rtaher than Eire imports.
Buying a car from Northern Ireland - Adam {P}
Reading that post, is car insurance higher for a car on NI plates? I only ask because mine seems quite a lot higher than a lot of other people's even though it is a bigger car.
Buying a car from Northern Ireland - GregSwain
I know cars in NI are registered with the DVLNI as opposed to the DVLA - I think the OP was wanting to know the procedure to transferring the reg to DVLA, and switching over to conventional British plates. (Maybe a visit to your local DVLA office might be necessary...) Anyone out there know for sure?!
Buying a car from Northern Ireland - Adam {P}
There's no need to transfer to British plates though is there? Or is there?
Buying a car from Northern Ireland - GregSwain
There's no need, but I'm sure it's possible to do it. Am fairly certain that the NI logbook has to be taken to a local DVLA office to be switched over to DVLA, regardless of plate changes.
Buying a car from Northern Ireland - Adam {P}
Sorry - I misunderstood. I thought there might have been a legal requirement to do it. As you can see, I get easily confused.

I'll just get my coat and shuffle off quietly.

Carry on.
Buying a car from Northern Ireland - massey
Insurance cost is based on where the car is being used not on the Reg. number.
Buying a car from Northern Ireland - AndyT
There's certainly no tax/duty implications (all the taxes/vat etc are the same), and vehicles in N.I. are now all changed from the old style log books, over to what I believe is the standard V5 document. Although its official title is V5C(NI) UK Registration Certificate.

In the No.11 'export' section, it just states "Transfers between NI and GB must be notified to the appropiate licensing authority."

I'm not sure if it still applies, but one quirk of buying a mainland car to use in N.I. was that you gained an extra year before mot was due...??
Buying a car from Northern Ireland - T Lucas
Bring the car over from NI and then register it with your local Licencing Office,but register it on the NI number.If you dont like the number you can then put that on a retention certificate and have an ordinary UK mainland number which is FOC.You can then offer your old NI number on ebay with instant transfer on the retention certificate and be very surprised at the price it makes.
Buying a car from Northern Ireland - massey
The odd plates you mention disguise the age of the vehicle and can be worth more on the mainland. They can be swopped for your standard plate if you wish.

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