Peugeot 307CC New Shape - twells
Hi All,

Would anyone be able to tell me what my car is worth:-

Its a Madagascan Blue Peugeot 307CC New shape on 05 Plate (August)
Full Service History.
Full Leather
Multi CD
Metalic Paint
9000 miles

My local dealer is only offering £12,000 ! - Am I being stiffed here - I was thinking it was worth about £15,000 - or am I being dillusional??

Any help greatly appreciated.


Peugeot 307CC New Shape - twells
Sorry forgot to add its:-

2.0 16v 140BHP S Petrol

Than ks

Peugeot 307CC New Shape - DavidHM
£15k would get you one of these retail, i.e., before haggling but after the dealer's profit margin, allowance for warranty, reconditioning costs, etc. (Some of these should be minimal).

I think £12k is a bit low - Glass's says £13k p/x for "average" condition and I would say that's reasonable.

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