pug306 squeeking wheels - bigkaz
hi i have a pug 306 1.9td on a t plate (about '99) recently when driving i have noticed that the wheels make a squeaking noise especially when going over a speed hump or going over a pothole the noise does not seem to be comming from the wheels but further up i'm thinking it could be a prob in the supension / shock absorbers?, knowing next to nothing about cars i would appreciate any help with what the problem could be and if possible any solutions. thank you in advance for your help / suggestions.
pug306 squeeking wheels - piston power
can be coil springs weak, top suspension mounting,anti roll bar, have you jacked it up to have a look?? whats the mileage??
pug306 squeeking wheels - tewby
is noise front or rear and what miles.
if its at rear it could be the bearings in the end of the rear beam tube they collapse at high miles.
could show as a squeek or a knocking if they are bad.
pug306 squeeking wheels - bigkaz
the car has done about a 110k the squeekeing is coming from both the front and back wheels whereas it is a highpitched squeek from the front it is more of a dull sound coming from the back

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