Golf 1.6 MKIII Missing sometimes - PaulC2004
Any help much appreciated as per usual.

I had a problem some time back where my golf would miss a few times intermittantly.

I replaced all of the plugs and the problem immediately went away. However,
Recently it has started missing a bit again, if its starts it lasts for only a few second but if you try to excellerate during this time the car is obviously not responsive.

When I replaced the plugs I did have a small problem with one of the HT leads which I repaired by crimping the end again.

maybe it needs new Ht leads ?

Please can anyone help point me in the right direction? If its important - The car isn't back firing, just missing a few beats..

Golf 1.6 MKIII Missing sometimes - BB
Does it occur more on rainy / wet days?
Is one of your plugs arcing on the side of the head?
Has it got a coil pack?
Roger Jones will be along in a minute to give you the number of a VW additive that is deffo worth trying too.
Golf 1.6 MKIII Missing sometimes - PaulC2004
Drove in this morning in the dry and it was missing all the way, I'll check for plugs arcing out this weekend, coil pack ? dunno ?

Roger ?

Golf 1.6 MKIII Missing sometimes - BB

Where do the HT leads go to? The other end from the spark plug? Do they go into a little black rectangular box or a circular kind of plastic moulding?
Best thing to do is open the bonnet up tonight when it is darker and look for any signs of sparks / arcing from each of the spark plugs on the head all the way back to the rectangular box/coil pack (if you have one.) If you have a little water spray bottle (like my missus use to clean the windows) fill it up with water and v lightly spray around the coil pack area (if you have one.)

Did it rain last night in your area? What year is the car?

(Roger Jones suggested a VW petrol additive to me a while back, but I can't remember the part number off hand. Its always useful to try some in your tank for these kind of problems- if he doesnt post on teh next 24 hrs I will try and find out what the number is from the forum search.)

Golf 1.6 MKIII Missing sometimes - Roberson
The additive you refer to is G 001 700 03.

You say the HT lead was damaged, in what way?
Golf 1.6 MKIII Missing sometimes - PaulC2004
Cheers Gents. Just been out to the car, cant see any signs of it arc'ing out onto the block or any sparcs at all..

Happens same dry of wet weather..

As for the HT lead, when I was changing the plugs (to solve a previous missfiring problem) the bit that clips on the top of the plug came detached from the lead. Fixed by crimping back on with pliers.

As for the coil pack, Ht leads go straight back to the distributor.

Any further suggestions welcome - if you thing I should got for the additive just say the word. I'll be happy when she is running smooth again!

Golf 1.6 MKIII Missing sometimes - Roberson
Have you checked the distributor cap and rotor arm? I was quite surprised at the condition of mine, given the small distnace it had been installed for.
Golf 1.6 MKIII Missing sometimes - BB
As said above, check distributor cap / rotor arm.
Can you get hold of a new HT lead? If so, I would swop that for the one you said could be damaged.

If you are feeling flush, try the VW additive, (it is not going to do any harm.) as well.

Check your leads and distributor cap for cracks.
Golf 1.6 MKIII Missing sometimes - PaulC2004
just been out on test drive after pushing the HT lead on which was a bit dodgy. All appeared well until at full temp. Problem re-occured. When I got home in the dark, flipped the bonnet:-

One of the Ht leads ( at the distributor cap end) is arcing out onto the metal cover which fits around dist cap. It appears as it it if sparcing through the rubber covering on the end of the lead! hmm. strange..

Euro car parts - 4 ht leads £15.. VW, £22 + VAT PER LEAD.

Any idea where I go from here ? As suggested, rotor arm looks fine and also clean inside.
Golf 1.6 MKIII Missing sometimes - GregSwain
Take the lead to an independant motor factor and they'll sell you a "universal-fit" one of the same length for a couple of quid. Sounds like the end of the lead is dodgy - you're pushing it into place, and it's popping back up as soon as it warms up. Buy the new lead (or a set if the leads are getting old) and post back if it doesn't work.
Golf 1.6 MKIII Missing sometimes - BB
Think you've found your problem :) If it ain't the ht lead, then it looks like the cap.
Golf 1.6 MKIII Missing sometimes - BB
Just had a look at you past posts paulc, looks like you've not had much luck this year with your golf :) At least they all seem to be cheapish problems that are easily sorted.
Golf 1.6 MKIII Missing sometimes - PaulC2004
Good news, after having a look at the leads today, decided they all needed to be replaced. Spent a grand total of £22 which was for four Leads AND even treated it to a new dizzy cap.

Everything back to normal and the car is running a treat. Having seen how new leads fit I wonder how the other ones worked at all!!

Cheers everyone!


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