Middle lane state of mind - Clanger
Another letter from the Telegraph; this time to the Editor. Now I didn't see the letter from Mr Field but I find this quite revealing.

"SIR - This middle-lane moron would like to point out to Mr Field (Letters, September 15) that the middle lane is, in fact, the fast lane and the outside lane the overtaking lane.
George Hicks
Bromley, Kent"

Blimey, is it? All this time I thought they were simply left-hand, middle and right-hand lanes, or lanes 1, 2 and 3. With attitudes like that around it can't be a surprise that drivers think it's their right to cruise unmolested in the middle of the carraigeway. Roll on the day when overtaking on the left is permitted, even encouraged.
Stranger in a strange land
Middle lane state of mind - Stuartli
The RAC once tagged such people CLODS (Centre Lane Owner Drivers' Society).

Moron was the correct description of himself...:-)
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What\'s for you won\'t pass you by
Middle lane state of mind - GregSwain
Isn't it about time motorway driving was included in the driving test?
Middle lane state of mind - daveyjp
Very difficult as you can't practice on motorways with 'L' plates and large areas of the UK are a long way from 3+ lane motorways. I certainly believe anyone who lives in an area where motorways are close should have a few lessons - Pass Plus as a minimum. My first trip on a motorway was the trip back home immediately following my driving test. It was about 3.30pm and throwing it down!
Middle lane state of mind - Lud
Trust you kept yr foot firmly planted in the machinery in yr ecstasy of triumph, daveyjp, and got away with it.
Middle lane state of mind - mss1tw
What a complete muppet. The RAC got the first letter right, certainly...
Middle lane state of mind - Tomo
People hog the outer lanes because they find if they get in to the left they never get out again!
Middle lane state of mind - mss1tw
I've given up trying to observe lane discipline on the A3. Now, I just park in the outside lane, set the cruise for 85, and pull in if anyone gains on me.

A carp way of driving, but it's a waste of time trying to drive by the book on that road now. I'll end up with an ulcer.
Middle lane state of mind - barchettaman
Hog the outer lanes here on the Autobahn and you´re liable to get something up your backside at 200kmh. Uncomfortable.
Middle lane state of mind - Vin {P}
The letter to which thius was the response read:

Sir ? Now that using the hard shoulder to ease motorway congestion has been officially sanctioned, is it too much to hope that passing on the inside, unfortunately called "undertaking", may also be allowed in order to alleviate congestion caused by "middle-lane morons"?

Michael Field, Wolfscastle, Pembs

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