A car park has wrongly fined me for parking overnight - should I just pay up?

My husband dropped me off in my car one evening to purchase do some shopping. He left the car parked to collect another purchase from nearby, then returned to collect me some 20 minutes later. I had to return to the car park the next morning exchange something I'd bought, leaving within 15 minutes. A few weeks later I received a notice to say I had been parked in excess of 14 hours when the limit is three hours. I emailed a response to explain what had happened, which they rejected saying it wasn't proof that I wasn't parked there. A friend says this is private land and I do not have to pay but the job I do means I cannot have any debts, CCJ's or the like. Should I continue to plead or pay up?

Asked on 26 June 2017 by FS of Orpington

Answered by Honest John
That is how these people operate. A return parking case like yours needs to go to the Supreme Court and needs to be found in favour of the parker, otherwise these evil moneygrabbers are operating within the law as ruled in Beavis v Parking Eye Supreme Court November 2015.
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