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HI Everybody

i have just purchacsed a 52 plate Vuaxhall Astra, The Original CD Player has gone, and its now got a Sony Head Unit, and a Changer in the back.

However its not wired up for the Display and the remote control - Intrestingly the Date on the display (H.U.D) disapears when you switch the unit on, and just leaves the time and Temp.

I am looking for some advice on what I need to get in order for it work, where to get it from (excpet halfords becasue they wanted £50 for a adapter for my previous Laguna) and how do i go about removing the stereo and fitting it


Vauxhall Astra Stereo Controlls - John S
Yes, this is exactly what hapens when a non-standard stereo is fitted to a Vx with remote display. The date display goes, but isn't replaced by the radio display. If the replacement radio isn't designed for remote controls, then, yes, that goes too.

I believe some Sony units can drive the Vx display, and perhaps respond to the remote controls. I suggest a visit to your local ICE specialist to ask if your unit is one of those.

Vauxhall Astra Stereo Controlls - redviper

Thanks for your reply

*IF* i can get hold of one from a online supplier, is it a easy job to do. the last time i tried to fit a stereo on my Mk1 astra I ended up popping loads of fuses (well I was only 17 at the time and under the assumption that it would be so easy to do.

Vauxhall Astra Stereo Controlls - Hamsafar
You can get an adaptor for the steering wheel controls, such as ebay item 180028785684
The display will probably not be possible, it is usually only the makers who made the radios for GM whose radios work with the display, Philips, VDO etc...

If it was my car, I'd get an original radio off ebay, and sell the SONY one to keep eveything looking (and working) original.

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