Child Seats/Accord nightmare - lordy
My two little ones usually get ferried around in my wife's Vectra. Fixing the child seats is no problem in this car. In my Accord Tourer however, the webbing on the belt buckles is too short, and leaning in trying to fix the seatbelt round and into the buckle is incredibly irritating, as it tends to fall down behind the seat squab.

In the fullness of time, SWMBO will inherit my car, so I need a solution to this problem. I've tried (although not very hard) to get some info on ISOFIX seats, but didn't get very far. I don't think my Accord (54 reg), has ISOFIX points, but I would happily stand corrected. If the webbing on the buckle was three inches longer, there would be no problem.

Anyone got any suggestions? I think I need a seat where the bottom 'tray' is permanently fixed with the existing belt, and the seat contains another belt which clips into it's own buckle. Any thoughts gratefully received.

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Child Seats/Accord nightmare - No FM2R
I've no idea of what they're like or their pros and cons, but.....
Child Seats/Accord nightmare - Falkirk Bairn
Your Accord has ISOFIX so is the best solution. I believe Britax are around £100 @ Halfords but less on the web
Child Seats/Accord nightmare - Altea Ego
If your car has ISOFIX seats, part of the isofix standard is to have a visible tab sewn into the seat seams somewhere to tell you you have ISOFIX.
Plus there should be some slots or holes in to the seat for the stuff to click into .

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Child Seats/Accord nightmare - cheddar
IME it is Vauxhalls that are unusual in this regard, they have longer than normal webbing on the female end of the buckle ( I had three, all the same in this regard) making them very much proud of the seat when buckled, if you chose seats to suit the Vectra then they may not be ideal for another car. We had great trouble a few years ago finding child seats that would fit both our Vectra estate and Clio. Due to having twins two sets of seats at nearly £100 each was not really an option.
Child Seats/Accord nightmare - daveyjp
I'd be suprised if ISOFIX wasn't fitted on your car. If it is expect to pay around £200 a seat. Some have the ISOFIX fittings as part of the seat, some have an ISOFIX base which stays in the car and the seat slots in to this.
Child Seats/Accord nightmare - IanJohnson
My 04 tourer has isofix - there are slots in the leather which give access to the fixings.

Never used them as our youngest wouldn't be seen dead in a child seat - he's nearly 21
Child Seats/Accord nightmare - type's'
My 55 plate accord saloon has ISOFIX and would think it is the same safety spec as yours so would suggest it has got ISOFIX.

I actually think the shorter strap is a good idea as it keeps the buckle out of sight of prying eyes and fingers.
My little minx is always undoing her belt if she can get hold of it. She cannot do it with the accord and my wife and I do not seem to have a problem doing them up.
Child Seats/Accord nightmare - chocka

Your 54 Accord has Isoxfix points according to the Britax DuoPlus approval charts and you do not even need a top tether or a performance pad (!) to use that seat with your car:

Note that ISOFIX seats are primarily for two groups so you need to ensure your children fall into these weight groups.:

Group 0+ 0-13kg (0-12 month)
Group 1 9-18kg (9month-4yrs)

IIRC I saw one test which suggested that non-ISOFIX seats are more effective than ISOFIX seats above Group1. If anyone know otherwise pls post the details.

If, after your research, you believe ISOFIX is the way to go then a reliable and VFM supplier I have used is:

If anyone knows of another reliable supplier who has keener pricing please let me know as I need another ISOFIX seat in the newxt few months :)
Child Seats/Accord nightmare - f2
It's not an Isofix seat but we use a Britax First Class group 0&1 car seat in our two cars as there is an alternative belt routing in the base of the car seat thus coping with the different lengths of webbing on the buckles in the cars.

For anyone living in or near the Trowbridge area I can happily recommend The Baby Carriage shop in Trowbridge, the proprietor has been trained in fitting by Britax and takes great care to help in the choosing and correct fitting of car seats. You'll pay a little more than you will in certain well known chains but then you won't be driving around wondering if you put the seat in right.

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