Fiat Panda Fire Sky - wiper problem - Geoff J
I have recently bought a 1992 Fiat Panda Fire Sky as a second vehicle.

It is due for its MOT next week and the front wiper has suddenly become intermittant, sometimes it works sometimes it doesnt, no particular pattern to it. If you leave it it just starts working again for no reason

Is there any known issues for this - Worn wiper gear ( no noise though) or is it likey to be a wiper arm problem??

Any assistance would be appreciated

Fiat Panda Fire Sky - wiper problem - Collos25
more likely to be the relay
Fiat Panda Fire Sky - wiper problem - Another John H
AFAIR the relay is only responsibly for the intermittent operation, as full speed is continuous. Is it faulty in both settings?

Try the heater blower to see if it is faulty at the same time as the wiper.

If so, the earth feed is common to both, and the black wiring goes back to the inner wing behind the passenger side headlight.

Failing that, you have the option of a worn out peg which the wiper arm pushes onto (motor running, but not driving the arm, can you hear the motor?), or water ingress in the motor assembly - the contacts for the self parking etc are on the bottom, or the column switch.

Old FIAT wiring is not suitable for a damp climate, or getting old.

Fiat Panda Fire Sky - wiper problem - Geoff J
Thanks to both Andy Bairsto and Another John H for responses.

I will check these out and hopefully it will resolve the issue before its MOT.

If I should need spares etc does anyone know where the best place for secondhand FIAT spares is on the Web. or Merseyside.

Any help appreciated.
Fiat Panda Fire Sky - wiper problem - Another John H
The Panda is getting to be less common in scrap yards, and a faulty part on yours may well be the same on a wreck.

Try with the enthusiasts here:

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