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I've just bought a 2005 1.4 petrol Berlingo Multispace for my wife from a car supermarket. It's service records and manual will allegedly be posted on to me but in the meantime does anyone know how to turn off the service indicator? It has done less than 5000 miles and is healthy so I'm not too upset about the lack of service history when purchased but I suspect it may never have been looked at. It is coming up to a year old which is probably why the indicator is on despite the mileage but I'll be changing it's oil tomorrow and don't plan on getting a dealer service to honour the warranty for a few thousand miles unless I have to. Any ideas? Also, what should it's service intervals be? I normally change oil every 5000 miles anyway, coolant every couple of years and everything else perishable as per a factory service schedule.
Citroen Berlingo Service Indicator - PhilW
No handbook? Or service book? They may be there!
Look under driver's seat - there is a little shelf there for the handbook - well hidden unless you know!
According to my handbook (a diesel) service for petrol model is annually or each 12,500 miles.
At first one is change oil, oil filter, pollen filter. Check all other fluids, lights, wipers, drive belts etc. Read fault codes and reinitialise maintenance indicator. Indicator is determined by mileage and/or time/ Sorry don't know how to reset it but my local independent can do it in about 5 seconds!
Citroen Berlingo Service Indicator - PhilW
To reset indicator

"1)Press and hold button on the speedo which resets trip meter, turn ignition on
2) Press for 5 seconds, release button
3) Turn ignition off
4)Turn ignition on, spanner symbol will illuminate for 5 seconds
5)Turn ign off.
And that should reset the service indicator!
Let me know if it works!! "

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