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Why is it the give way sign is an inverted triange (giving an order), apart from making it different to other non-inverted triangle signs which are warning signs.Why not a circle?I have been given various explanations but non seem plausable, does anybody know?
One reason I came across was because the word give as in "give way" would not fit properly in the non-inverted triangle. Another was that snow would not settle easily on a sign with the bottom narrower than the top.

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give way does not mean halt or stop.

Is it warning sign shaped, but inverted because it is a warning not an order?
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as far as I am aware, it is for the weather!!

o.k., you are pulling up to a snow covered junction and a snow covered sign (well this is England?!?). Now you can tell straight away that it says "Give Way" even if you cannot read it, thereby averting a collision.

This is also true of the hexagonal "Stop" sign. Again, can't see it covered in snow / ice but you still know exactly what it means.
Give way signs - psi
Give way signs - rustbucket

More easily identified when partialy obscured by snow ect
Ok thanks thats a more realistic reason
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Agree with you, I was always told that it was to do with snow and/or wind.
The theory goes that the only sign which is an inverted triangle is the Give way therefore even if it is totally covered in snow or if the wind, or a collision, has rotated it on its mounting it is still pretty much distinguishable under most circumstances.
The same logic applies to the Stop sign in that it is the only octagonal sign.
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I've recently seen quite a few stop/give way signs on rectangular backgrounds (usually flourescent) which completely defeats that object though...
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I concur with the snow explanation - that was the reason quoted by the instructor when I did my HGV course in 1976.

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