Nissan Note front seat - Happy Blue!
I was reading the threads about Honda Jazz versus Nissan Note as I though the Note would be good for my parents. My mother has decided she does not like the view out of the Honda windscreen(!).

Today I wandered into a local Nissan dealer to look at the Note. It all seems very nice and reasonably well built and very spacious in the back. But I though that the drivers seats was both too long and also too low at the front. I looked for a tilt lever, but could not find one. I'm not sure I would find it comfortable.

Has anyone else spotted this, before I ring my father and tell him to have a look.

Nissan Note front seat - leonora
I too looked at the Nissan Note and was very keen but I had a test drive and noticed exactly the same thing as you. In fact, I was so enamoured of the car that I have revisited the dealers a couple of times to try sitting in it again but always with the same conclusion, that the seat is too long for my thighs. Inciderntally, I am 5'3". There is a lever to heighten the seat but no way of reducing the length short of providing your own lumbar pillow (suggested to me by my other half but rejected as a tacky solution).
Nissan Note front seat - Xileno {P}
Try the Modus, similar but different.
Nissan Note front seat - 1066
ive never found any seat problems with my note. its an auto .
i find it very comfortable and the seat tilt is pretty good. also the front edge doesnt feel low.

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