We recently purchased a four-year old Ford Fiesta Zetec from an established dealer who we have used before. After payment he gave us only one key. When we queried this he said he had only been given one by the previous owner. He said he would write to her as she was ex-directory. He now says that she has not replied and there is nothing he can do. What are your thoughts? Also he said we would not need winter tyres on this car as they are "good enough".

Asked on 29 December 2012 by JR, Chipstead

Answered by Honest John
Well, basically someone still has a key to your car so can drive it away any time they find it parked. But sensibly you can get an extra key from: A branch of Timpsons in the High Street, side street or in a Shopping Mall. No joy there, links to keys and locksmiths in this directory: The first two on the list apparently give very good, very fast and very cheap service. I guess that salesman is relying on this winter being as mild as last winter. However, I, for one, put my winter tyres on my FIAT on 6th November.
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