Audi A4 130 PD Diesel 2003 - The Ring
Sorry folks if this in the wrong section, may get more views/responses here.

Currently own an Audi A4, few problems with it, just wondering what the causes could be:

Firstly, the car is idling too quickly, the rev meter is moving very slightly up and down and sitting in the car the car is giving a slight shake with the gearstick moving slightly aswell, doesnt happen all the time but noticable when your sitting at traffic lights etc.

Secondly, the car is giving out extensive smoke in 1st, 2nd and 3rd gears, the car isnt pushed hard when going up in gears but the smoke is still there

Thirdly, the sound of the engine has got much louder recently, possible cause could be from point one?

Any help would be grateful, the cars covered 62k and out of warranty

Many Thanks
Audi A4 130 PD Diesel 2003 - Altea Ego
EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) valve seems to be the first place to look on modern diesels with those types of symptoms these days,

A good thrashing with some injection cleaner wont hurt either,
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Audi A4 130 PD Diesel 2003 - scott1s
My 04 Primera was the same - it needed a new injector rail because of seepage. May be that. Check the air filter too as garbage in garbage out is a very true adage
Audi A4 130 PD Diesel 2003 - The Ring
Looks like it could potentially be that thinner oil was used i.e 5W 40 instead of something like 10/15W 40, could this pose a problem, thinner oil ??
Audi A4 130 PD Diesel 2003 - cheddar
Surely 62k is only just out of warranty, you might have some luck if you have a friendly dealer.

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